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jobs in Es Eng Soon (J) Sdn Bhd

Johor Bahru, Johor

Full Time
Fresh Graduates
  • Organizing the stocks/spare parts accordingly and orderly.
  • Ensuring stocks are stored safely and neatly
  • Maintaining accurate standards of all in and out.
  • Take stock inventory on a monthly basis or whenever required.
  • Work with departments concerned.

RM2,000 - RM3,000

jobs in Carlo Rino Group Berhad

Cheras, Selangor

Full Time
Fresh Graduates
  • Assist and monitor inventory and storage activities such as selecting, packaging, and checking stock
  • Perform inventory-related tasks including returns, packaging, price tagging, and labeling supplies
  • Arrange and deliver packaged goods to the correct location
  • Inspect deliveries for damage or discrepancies and report to the manager if any
  • Ensure adequate record-keeping and manage all documents to verify proper stock levels and maintain inventory control
  • Maintain the storage area to keep clean and organized at all times


jobs in Savana Semarak Sdn Bhd

Segambut, Kuala Lumpur

Full Time
  • Keeping a record of sales and restocking the store accordingly
  • assist in preparing and deliver stock to customer
  • Ensuring that the store is kept clean and organized.
  • sendstocktocustomer

RM1,500 - RM2,000

jobs in Global Outsourcing Company

Pasir Gudang, Johor

Full Time
Fast Response
  • Memuatkan & memunggah bahagian & bahan
  • Stok masuk/Stok keluar bahagian/bahan di gudang
  • Semakan Kuantiti

RM1,500 - RM3,000

jobs in Gamesoutlets

Johor Bahru, Johor

Full Time
  • Menjaga kuantiti dan susunan stok di bilik stor.
  • Bertangungjawab aktiviti di dalam bilik stor (Penerimaan stok,Penjagaan stok,Pengeluaran stok)
  • Mengira kuantiti stok setiap hari.
  • Membantu kerja manager bagi pengurusan stok.
  • Menyediakan laporan stok berskala kepada manager.
  • Menjaga kebersihan bilik stor.
  • Bersedia untuk menerima tugasan yang lain.

RM1,500 - RM1,800

jobs in Global Outsourcing Company

Skudai, Johor

Full Time
Fast Response
  • Preparing sample (Menyediakan sample)
  • Arrange in and out transport (Mengatur barang keluar dan masuk)
  • Arrange stocks (Menyusun stok)

RM1,500 - RM2,000

jobs in Frencken Mechatronics (M) Sdn Bhd

Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor

Full Time
Fresh Graduates
  • Inspect incoming raw materials for damage or discrepancies.
  • Issuance the raw materials to production according to the request.
  • Liaison with other departments for efficient and effective manufacturing activities, inventory management, etc.
  • Perform daily stock out and responsible for maintaining the accuracy of inventory in stores/warehouse by using the SAP System.
  • Maintain proper housekeeping including floor and goods rearrangement in store/area assigned or according to product category.
  • Perform other related duties and responsibilities as assigned by superior from time to time.

RM1,800 - RM3,000

jobs in Carsuka Automotive Sdn Bhd

Puchong, Selangor

Full Time
Fresh Graduates
  • 根据每日订单的商品品种和数量准确配货
  • 根据商品的种类和特性进行包装和贴上快递单
  • 须在每日下午罗里到来之前完成相关订单的包装准备
  • 在供应商送货来时,协助同事们进行下货及点算工作
  • 配货区的整顿,补货上货等妥当的安排
  • 熟悉基本商品知识和包装方法
  • 了解并熟悉仓库内货品的存放位置
  • 如遇上大型促销节日(如:双11,双12等),需要有加班的准备(有丰厚加班费)

RM0 - RM1,600

jobs in Brightstar Computer Sdn. Bhd.

Bukit Bintang, WP Kuala Lumpur

Full Time
Fresh Graduates
  • Responsible for supervising warehouse Fulfillment operations.
  • Manage operations team performance including their day-to-day responsibilities, attendance, KPI and to deliver an amazing customer experience.
  • To manage the end-to-end aspect of daily fulfilment operations: inbound management to stock handling, storing, inventory management and order dispatching in line with established service levels.
  • Set up and onboarding new hires & coaching warehouse team to be efficient operationally.
  • Analyze data for process efficiency and suggest solutions for improvement.
  • Liaise with other departments such operation team on Fleet operation to ensure smooth delivery to customer.
  • Apply and follow Warehouse Fulfillment standards and standard operating procedures (SOPs) in day-to-day warehouse operations.
  • Monitor operational policies and procedures to ensure the most efficient processing of grocery orders, control of damage and errors and other aspects of operational excellence to deliver world-class customer experience.
  • Ensure warehouse housekeeping and maintaining health & safety and product quality standards.
  • Assist team in other ad-hoc matters assigned by management

RM1,500 - RM2,500

jobs in Quinworth Resources Sdn Bhd

Shah Alam, Selangor

Full Time
  • •Ensuring effective receipt, storage and handling of finished goods products.
  • Manage and coordinate warehouse activities for finished goods store such as sorting, stacking and storage.
  • Ensures the security and accountability of finished goods with inventory control.
  • Coordinate physical counts of goods & stocks, reconciling with data storage system.
  • Proficient knowledge of inventory and inventory controls.
  • Coordinate finished goods product delivery & shipping.
  • To perform other related jobs as assigned by management from time to time.

RM1,800 - RM3,600

jobs in 3 Circle Commerce Sdn Bhd

Puchong, Selangor

Full Time
  • 监督仓库/商店活动
  • 确保每批货物准时到达
  • 管理进货物资的采购订单。
  • 监控和监督进出运输活动,以验证物品是否运送到正确位置且状况良好。
  • 确保正确过帐项目,应用正确的费用,并将货物从装运点转移到存储区域,并解决装运订单的问题。
  • 确保库存和出货的准​​确性。
  • 确定需要发展的业务并进行创新以调整当前的工作实践和程序。
  • 与其他团队和部门协商并组织活动。
  • 客户服务
  • 与客户互动以解决问题或回答问题。
  • 检查装载操作
  • 负责检查装载操作的各个方面,以确保它们遵循仓库和运输规范,并确保正确使用仓库空间。
  • 控制和组织存储和库存空间。
  • 管理运输订单和发票
  • 阅读所有装运通知、订单、发票和其他文件以管理优先级并确保使用正确的装运方法。
  • 确保运输记录准确地存储在数据库中。 准备、打包、安排和路由订单以供交付
  • 保持仓库安全和清洁 
  • 保持清洁和安全的工作环境。包括建立安全协议以及对设施和机器进行定期检查以防止事故和其他危险情况。如果发生事故,仓库/商店主管还会收集数据并准备事故报告。
  • 制定政策和程序 
  • 通过在部门内建立和执行政策和程序来支持部门活动。确定材料摄入、运输和储存的最佳实践,并指导工作人员更改这些程序,确定通过改进或替换不起作用或无法可靠遵循的程序来提高效率、安全和性能的机会。
  • 实施新方法、流程和改进。 库存核对 定期进行库存核对,以确保有足够的供应来实现目标。他们向管理层报告损坏的货物和与库存的任何差异。
  • 参与每月盘点和年度盘点。 
  • 维护仓库报告 通过维护准确和更新的记录来支持仓库范围内的活动。这些记录可以包括运输清单、日常仓库活动报告和事件日志。
  • 维护记录,利用专门的报告和文件相关信息来计算仓库等级。
  • 向管理层或其他仓库人员提供这些报告,以帮助做出决策并确定需要改进的地方。他们还可以查阅这些记录以确定其部门的整体效率。

RM2,000 - RM2,300

jobs in Elebe Lifestyle Sdn. Bhd

Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

Full Time, Part Time
  • Performing Stock count and recording
  • Manage store cleanliness
  • Handle Outbound & Inbound
  • Process Order
  • Data Entry
  • Filing

RM1,500 - RM1,800

jobs in Lionmas Furnishers (M) Sdn Bhd

Masai, Johor

Full Time
  • To monitor and analyze performance by reviewing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly report to ensure delivery and in house fulfilment quality in order to provide optimal quality delivery level.
  • To monitor and analyse performance by reviewing report from time to time in order to ensure immediate action/plan to be taken to resolve any issues experiencing by team members and suppliers.
  • To collaborate with suppliers by discussing, and implementing strategic method in delivering stock according to mutual agreement set with each, in order to ensure efficiency.
  • To review, analyze and implement Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for suppliers by establishing mutual agreement with respective suppliers in order to ensure efficiency and productivity are maintained at a positive and healthy level.
  • To review any internal or external factors that might affect performance by conducting weekly/monthly meeting with team members and respective suppliers in order to counter the issues or to minimize the impact on performance.
  • To monitor inventory safety stock level by analysing and forecasting purchase volume in order to minimize inventory cost and maximize inventory support.
  • To monitor stock turnover in order to remain in healthy level.
  • To monitor stock quality assurance by ensuring stocks are received and delivered in good condition.
  • To plan and manage stock allocation by collaborating with supplier in receiving and allocating stocks on the designated space in order to ensure effective stock movement, minimize stock misplacing or lost stock, and to improve efficiency of stock picking.
  • To manage resources and assets by reviewing cost and analysing P&L account in order to maximize gross profit.
  • To arrange manpower and asset to optimize resources productivity.
  • To implement or revise SOP by amending or updating the current work flow in order to ensure smooth operation carried out.
  • To collaborate with team members and related department  in order to fulfil Company’s direction.
  • To monitor daily warehouse logistics operation routine by communicating with internal and external parties, gathering and compiling report from system in order to achieve efficiency, quality output and uniformity of performance, while reducing miscommunication.
  • ·To monitor daily in-coming / out-going parcels from Courier Company by analysing in-coming and out-going DO in order to ensure item received and collected are tally.
  • To conduct weekly meeting with team by providing alternative solutions and ideas in order to enhance operation workflow.
  • To study and attend to any enquiries related by guiding subordinates and providing solutions promptly in order to ensure smooth operation.
  • To maintain positive relationship in workplace by practicing constant communication and timely response to both positive working attitude and subordinates’ issues.
  • To develop project by creating a concise plan based on the assets and resources available in order for better execution and to ensure project are completed successfully and according to schedule.
  • To manage project by analysing risk, team performance and collaborating with related department in order to avoid risks or to minimize the impact.
  • To monitor project progress by analysing both expenditures and team performance in order to be able to take corrective measures efficiently.
  • To manage reports and necessary documentation by outlining the status of the project in order to report to upper management on the expected outcomes.

RM4,000 - RM4,500

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  • As part of our commitment to progress and business growth, we would like to invite mature, highly motivated, committed and results-oriented professionals to join us.

More than RM2,000 Per Month

jobs in Ctymary Resources Sdn Bhd

Kota Kemuning, Selangor

Full Time
  • Responsible for the overall operation, ensure all incoming and outgoing shipments/trip are complete timely.
  • Fulfill logistic and other department request and must be able to resolve any complaint arise immediately.
  • Forecasting and planning stock. Preparing report and send to CEO timely.
  • To ensure stock are accurately control and maintained.
  • To conduct inventory counting monthly and assist to verify any stock discrepancies.
  • Generally, and maintained
  • Monitor and control inventory level to prevent out of stock and over stock.
  • Monitor and record all MHE status and make sure all in good condition.
  • Maintain all warehouse operation to follow SOP during daily operation running.
  • Overview all issue regarding warehouse operation and try to improve from time to time.
  • Monitor and control all warehouse staff including checking staff discipline, break hour, attendance, performance, ensure instructions are followed and to maintain their productivity.
  • Manage on distribution of works arrangement between the staff and to monitor and manage the documentation works in Warehouse including update daily delivery schedules.
  • Handle and liaise stock issue in the system for Accounts to generate DO for delivery. Preparing labels, consignment note, shipping mark and other labels needed for shipping and delivery.
  • Work closely with order processing and transporter to ensure goods are delivered on time and correctly.
  • Coordinate returns and disposal of surpluses
  • Ensure all standard operation procedure are implemented and adhere accordingly.
  • Organize repacking of materials in pallets and arrange stocks in a systematic way (FIFO).
  • Maintain security of warehouse items and equipment and report any accidents.
  • Manage and develop the unit to maximize output whilst to reduce costs.
  • Perform other job-related functions as and when required by Superior.
  • To ensure the cleanliness of the warehouse and safe functioning of warehouse tools, facilities, and equipment.
  • Operate forklifts/reach lift to move heavy product.
  • During non-peak season, will perform additional special projects such as assisting marketing team in promoting products and etc.
  • Any other tasks or adhoc tasks as assign by the Management

RM2,000 - RM2,200

jobs in S L Ng Trading Agency Sdn Bhd

Johor Bahru, Johor

Full Time
  • 全面负责接收和存储操作,并确保适当的内务管理和库存的完整性。
  • 与其他部门协调,确保收货和发货顺利进行。
  • 工人绩效管理。
  • 处理和维护高效的配送系统,以确保准时交货。

RM3,000 - RM4,000

jobs in 1 Doc Resources Sdn Bhd

Puchong, Selangor

Full Time
  • Ensure working area are kept clean, neat and well-organized.
  • Packing incoming stock away, taking inventory and reporting shortages.
  • Keep records of incoming and outgoing shipments.
  • Picking orders as requested by management.
  • Sealing and tagging carton, confirming accuracy of orders and signing pick tickets to confirm.
  • Ensure shipping information is accurately written and moving completed orders to outbound area.
  • Ensure compliance with OSHA and safety guidelines.
  • Assist in maintaining security of warehouse.

RM1,500 - RM2,500

jobs in MLB Group Sdn Bhd

Puchong, Selangor

Full Time
Fresh Graduates
  • Move inventory and materials across facilities
  • Process inventory for delivery
  • Sort, organize, and store inventory in proper location
  • Package items and label correctly
  • Report damaged or missing inventory to supervisors
  • Stack and organize large bulk items
  • Update logs and documentation for inventory processing
  • Move materials from facilities to workstations, pick-up locations, or other locations
  • Ensure workspace is free of debris and remove safety hazards from aisles
  • Work as an active team member to complete team goals
  • Prepare documentation and inventory for audits

RM1,500 - RM2,200

jobs in Yan Jian Granite & Stone Sdn Bhd

Semenyih, Selangor

Full Time
  • 规划当地路线和物流顺序确保卡车安排。
  • 准备装运所需的文件。

RM2,000 - RM3,000

jobs in Lo Sam Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

Seri Kembangan, Selangor

Full Time
  • Responsible for the overall daily warehouse operations, stock in and out flow movement as well as maintaining proper storage.
  • Responsible for inventory management, stock counting, stock control and other related functions pertaining to inventory.
  • To assist in receiving, unloading, inspecting and verifying all incoming supplier stocks
  • To update and monitor the movement of daily stock
  • Follow up the arrival of the lorry to ensure that the goods/stock is delivered on time and unloaded efficiently.
  • To maintain warehouse and store area in a neat and orderly manner
  • Manage flow of sorting shipment in warehouse

RM2,000 - RM2,500

jobs in KMT Jaya Sdn. Bhd.

Shah Alam, Selangor

Full Time
  • To develop and recommend policies to minimize cost and optimize business unit, profitability, warehouse capacity utilization, planning and delivering activities.
  • Review, assess and manage 3PL performance, driving improvements on accuracy, efficiencies, and costs.
  • Strategically plan and manage logistics, warehousing, transportation, and customer service.
  • Maintains receiving, warehousing, and distribution operations by initiating, coordinating, and enforcing program, operational policies, and procedures.
  • Safeguards warehouse operations and contents by establishing and monitoring security procedures and protocols.
  • Develop initiatives to improve speed, efficiency, and the quality of current process.
  • Drive process improvement projects, including current state assessment, improvement opportunity and solution definition.
  • Maintain & improve quality through knowledge sharing and best practice ensuring consistency.
  • Take part in the finance process to create and review the yearly budget, provide monthly reporting to Finance.
  • Coordinating with the internal team such as Procurement Department, Warehouse Distribution Unit to monitor requirements and ensure a smooth flow of operations according to the required procedures and schedules including problem-solving, investigation and continuous improvement.
  • Establish strong collaboration working relationships with internal business partners including information technology, supply chain and commercial.
  • Maintains warehouse staff job results by coaching, counselling, and disciplining employees, planning, monitoring, and appraising job results.
  • Ensure professional and personal development of the team.

RM7,000 - RM9,000

jobs in Anello

Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Full Time
  • 检查进货是否有损坏,并確認物品完好无损
  • 對商品進行贴标签。
3. 根据仓库设施移动库存和對貨品库存进行分类上架。
  • 处理平台订单,包装發貨,确保出货商品状况良好。
  • 分類上架和補給,包裝用品。
  • 协助每月库存盘点,相应地记录进出库存。

RM2,200 - RM3,000

jobs in Swissmann (M) Sdn Bhd

Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Full Time
Fast Response
  • Overseeing the overall logistic processes, movement of incoming and outgoing stocks, prepare delivery schedules and shipping documents.
  • Planning, oversight, management and coordination of logistics support operations to ensure smooth accomplishment of delivery.
  • Scheduling and coordinate with subcontractors or other relevant parties to ensure timely completion of jobs.
  • Handle the entire delivery process of products by scheduling both inbound and outbound courier shipments and constantly monitoring them to make sure product arrives on time.
  • Responsible for tracking, receiving and stocking all inventories, and update inventory list.
  • Carry out annual stock take and ensure the inventories are tally with the inventory list.
  • Checking purchase orders against stock levels.
  • Look for cost-effective methods to transport products and maintain sufficient product inventory at warehouse.
  • Keep track of quality, quantity, stock levels, delivery times, transport costs and efficiency, meet cost, productivity, accuracy and timeliness targets.
  • Ensure shipments’ and inventory transactions’ accuracy.
  • Prioritizing work orders and organizing tasks based on project deadlines.
  • Addressing and resolving if any shipment or inventory issues.
  • Keep up to date on shipping carriers, routes and rates and any changes to them.
  • Manage the process of scheduling the repair and maintenance of the organization’s vehicles involved in product transport.
  • Identify areas of improvement and establish innovative or adjust existing work procedures and practices.
  • Work in close coordination with other departments in the company.
  • Other duties and assignments as requested for the overall performance of the company.

RM3,000 - RM5,000

jobs in Sincere Zone Electronics

Cheras, Selangor

Full Time
  • Responsible for managing inventory of the store
  • Regular stock takes
  • Products are properly stored , clean and well maintained store
  • Communicate effectively with colleagues, receiving & distributing the correct stocks
  • Basic computer skills to manage inventory
  • Good physical stamina to lift and move heavy boxes and products

RM2,000 - RM3,000

jobs in Clickasia Sdn Bhd

Petaling Jaya, Selangor

  • Shipping and packing
  • Maintaining & tracking inventory & labeling
  • Pack, stock, organize and rearrange products in warehouse.
  • Organize and maintain records of inventories up to date.
  • Monitor and manage inventory control.
  • Manage and handle shipping, loading and unloading of products.

RM799 - RM800

jobs in Gasworld Sdn Bhd

Kepong, WP Kuala Lumpur

Full Time
  • Assist warehouse supervisor / executive in daily operation. 
  • Be in charge of a storeroom which receives, stores and issues a variety of general items, with responsibility for maintaining security of assigned area. 
  • Ensure workplace safety standards are followed all the time. 
  • Stock take as per arranged schedule. 
  • Prepare periodic status reports for supervision, as required. 
  • Ad-hoc tasks assigned from time-to-time being.

RM1,500 - RM2,800

jobs in Click Services Sdn Bhd

Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

Full Time
Fresh Graduates
  • 协助仓库的货物装卸。
  • 检查、检验和管理仓库内的新货物。
  • 每月进行两次库存盘点并记录。
  • 管理库存并与活动团队协调,确保必要的物品供应。
  • 制定每日计划,安排文件/货物的发送或收集,并申请相关许可证。
  • 申请活动工作许可证,并从活动场地的负责人处获得推广信函的批准。
  • 将货物打包并交付给主管、推广员或获奖者,用于活动、POSM、 RM等目的。
  • 监督和监控活动,确保所有物品正常运行。
  • 履行管理层分配的任何临时职责。

RM2,000 - RM2,500

jobs in McHEAT Worldwide Corporation Sdn Bhd

Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Full Time
  • Work as a team
  • Responsibility on stock
  • Quick respond of stock availability

RM1,800 - RM2,500

jobs in Thing Globe Sdn Bhd

Kajang, Selangor

Full Time
Fresh Graduates
  • Handle Stocks Arrival.
  • Calculate, Label and Update incoming stocks.
  • Move and arrange stocks, replenish to the shelves.
  • Ensure all products on rack are well replenish.
  • Scan parcels before sending to courier.
  • Update product racking placement into the system.
  • Help to pick and pack bulky items from the order picklist.
  • Ensure each products are well placed in the correct rack.
  • Cleaning store area to ensure store cleanliness

RM1,500 - RM1,800


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