PLUS Malaysia Ensures Smooth Ramadan Toll Plaza Traffic
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PLUS Malaysia Ensures Smooth Ramadan Toll Plaza Traffic

post by Chloe Chan

by Chloe Chan

Mar 9, 2024
at 3:28 PM

During Ramadan 2024, PLUS Malaysia Berhad, the highway folks, are taking steps to keep highways and toll plazas running smoothly. They'll make sure all toll lanes work well and offer mobile toll payment help. Maintenance work at toll plazas will only happen until 4:30 pm to avoid messing with traffic. PLUS is also bringing in more frontline staff at toll plazas and having a technical team ready to assist. It's all about making travel easier for everyone during Ramadan 2024!

Ramadan 2024 Travel Updates: PLUS Malaysia's Efforts for Smooth Highways and Toll Plazas

The company will make sure all rest areas have working facilities for the increased demand during Ramadan 2024. They suggest that people using the highway check their Touch 'n Go card or ewallet (for RFID users) to ensure there's enough money before they start their trip, so they don't face any problems.

PLUS also shared that, based on last Ramadan's data, the busiest time on working days is from 5 pm to 6 pm. They advise everyone to plan their travel and try not to be on the road during this hour for a more comfortable journey.

If you're using the highway, it's a good idea to download the PLUS mobile app for the latest traffic updates. You can also check the @PLUSTrafik app on X, use Putri Chatbot, tune in to the main radio channels, or look at electronic signs in certain places.

And if there's an emergency, you can reach out to PLUSLine at 1800-88-0000 for assistance. Stay informed and stay safe on the road!




Ramadan Is Also An Opportunity To Earn Extra Money

During Ramadan, there are many successful businesses that can lead to higher profits. Takjil and food and beverage businesses tend to be the most lucrative, as people often prefer buying rather than preparing these items themselves. Additionally, let's explore other opportunities for earning extra money during this Ramadan.

To earn more money for Ramadan 2024, consider these job opportunities:

  • Freelancing: Create an account in platforms like Maukerja or Ricebowl to find freelance jobs such as content writing, designing graphics, or providing social media management.
  • Part-Time Jobs: Apply for part time jobs in local businesses, such as barista, retail, customer service that match your skills and availability.
  • Online Selling: Become a live host or seller on platforms like TikTok, Shopee, and Lazada to sell baju kurung, eid hampers, ketupat, kuih and more. Showcase your products through live modeling, interactive Q&A sessions, and limited-time offers to engage viewers and drive sales. Collaborate with KOLs, share behind-the-scenes glimpses, and leverage multiple platforms for a broader reach. 
  • Gig Economy: Consider becoming a food delivery driver for services like Foodpanda or Uber, or expand your services to include delivering items from popular platforms like J&T or Lalamove. These flexible options offer additional income and allow for flexible working hours. 
  • Remote Work & WFH Jobs: Explore remote job opportunities and work from home jobs helps you save more time travel to work, giving you more hours for your job, personal duties, and religious practices.
  • Temporary Work: Look for seasonal jobs may be hiring additional staff during the busy months such as part time Bazar Ramadan crew.

As we embrace Ramadan's blessings, it's also a chance to earn extra income. Discover opportunities and make the most of this auspicious time  If you're seeking new career paths, drop your resume at RiceBowl for exciting possibilities ahead. 


  1. How do I pay road tolls in Malaysia?
    You can pay road tolls in Malaysia with a Touch 'n Go Card or use Mastercard, Visa, or MyDebit cards at designated lanes. Additionally, the SmartTAG and RFID systems offer convenient electronic payment options.
  2. Can Google map show toll fee?
    Yes, Google Maps can display toll fees for various routes. Just plan your route as usual by entering your starting point and destination. Toll prices will be visible when you click on the blue button with the turn indicator on the right.
  3. Which business is best in Ramadan?
    Food Catering, Selling Pastries, Frozen Food Stores, Selling Prayer Equipment, Business of Selling Dates, Selling Makeup Products, Eid Hampers Providers, Online Muslim Clothing Store.