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What should I do if my boss terminates me because didn't reply to his message during non-working hours?
Anyone can advise me? I should fight back or just leave? I worked in the company for 3 years but my boss terminates me for this reason.

Lai Yin
2 months ago

<p>Wah fight back lah of course! You actually need to sue your boss! 😡😡😡</p>

How to encourage interns to speak up for sth they disagree?
Interns in my company seldom give their opinion, is there any method to encourage them?

Khoo Huiyong Sandra
1 month ago

<p>Maybe you would want to ask them their thoughts directly, and listen with an open mind. Most interns don't speak up because they are afraid their ideas would get shot down if they do. Show that you are willing to listen, and put enough trust in them. </p>