Ching Ming Festival: Remembering Ancestors
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Ching Ming Festival: Remembering Ancestors

post by Hong Yuan

by Hong Yuan

Mar 31, 2024
at 3:35 PM

The Ching Ming Festival, also known as Qingming, is a significant traditional celebration for Asian cultures with Chinese roots. It is a popular festival for Chinese people in Malaysia. A chance to pay tribute and be reminded about our ancestors who helped shape us. This is a time set in stone for filial piety and respect.

Many people who work abroad will return to their hometowns to visit their graves following the tradition. Tomb Sweeping Day is not a public holiday in Malaysia, so local Chinese people go to the mountains to visit tombs one or two weeks earlier during the weekend holiday. The weekend before Tomb Sweeping Day is the most crowded.


When is the Ching Ming Festival 2024?

Ching Ming is on the 15th day after the spring equinox, usually around April 4th, 5th, or 6th on the calendar. In 2024, Ching Ming falls on Thursday, April 4th.



What are the traditions of Ching Ming?

The most well-known tradition associated with Qingming is visiting ancestral tombs. Families travel to cemeteries to clean and pay their respects. Offerings of food, wine, tea, and burning joss paper are common practices, symbolizing providing for ancestors in the afterlife.

They pray at the graves of their ancestors, asking them to bless their families. Nowadays, the custom of honoring dead relatives with flowers has become simpler, especially in cities, where many people participate. Many of the young generation are being deprived of performing grave-tending jobs due to work and distance constraints. A lot of cities now use online grave sweeping to help them honor their loved ones.


Beyond Tomb Sweeping

Visiting our ancestral tombs is a vital tradition that is not limited to this festival, however, it also holds a deeper and more poetic meaning. A festivity expressing families' togetherness, the recollection of the loved ones who have gone, and the bolstering of the bonds of families.

In some regions, people associate Qingming with enjoying spring outings and flying kites. People believe that the vibrant colors of the kites bring good luck and ward off evil spirits.



A Festival with Many Names

Due to the widespread holding of the Qingming festival, the festival has changed its name in different cultures across the globe. Here are a few examples: Here are a few examples:

  1. Grave Sweeping Day
  2. Tomb-Sweeping Day
  3. Chinese Memorial Day
  4. Ancestors' Day
  5. Clear Brightness Festival
  6. Pure Brightness Festival
  7. Ching Ming's Lasting Significance


The Ching Ming Festival can be seen as an event that brings to the fore a profound truth that we should all know as humans: we should remember our ancestors who came before us. The time of the year when one remembers the family members expresses appreciation to older relatives and can bind together the whole of the family across generations