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Kuala Lumpur
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jobs in OZ Marketing Sdn Bhd

Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur

Full Time
  • Plan and execute channel strategies and trade promotions for the key accounts and trade channel to achieve sales objectives.
  • Evaluate and execute potential outlet branding advertising support.
  • Propose and execute with the development and implementation of national and in-store marketing campaigns.
  • Conduct marketing research and analyze findings to understand customer and market opportunities.
  • Responsible in events preparation, roadshow and exhibition.
  • To undertake assignments, ad-hoc tasks and related duties as and when required.

RM3,200 - RM4,000

jobs in Infotellar Sdn Bhd

KL City, Kuala Lumpur

Full Time
  • To work closely with RM manager to understand and strategize marketing campaigns and localizing IT for Asia region
  • This includes implementing marketing campaigns and creation of email-marketing for each individual country and this includes automated emails. SMS , mobile app notifications
  • You should be proactive in understanding organizational"s services and unique selling points and devise marketing strategies to increase awareness to prospective audience
  • Review and consolidate A/B test, Control Group testing or any performance results to identify recommendations for improvement and best practices for the region
  • Skills and experience required

RM7,000 - RM9,000

jobs in Syarikat Ong Sdn Bhd

Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

Full Time
Fast Response
  • Promote company’s products or service and image to the related customer’s market coverage.
  • Respond to and follow up sales inquiries by post, telephone, and personal visits.
  • Monitor and report on activities and provide relevant Management information.
  • Carry out market research, competitor and customer surveys or analysis.
  • Conduct analysis and study / identifying sales growth and potential businesses.
  • Attract and secure customers to establish long term business relationship to ensure continuous renewals.
  • Assist events management such as launches and PR activities.
  • Achieve growth and IT sales targets.
  • Provide excellent customer service to ensure high level of satisfaction from business partners.
  • Execute company’s instructions on sales assignments.
  • Plan and execute promotional activities within assign territories. Initiate programs with business partners for promoting company’s products. Gather customer feedback and market research.
  • Assist oversee the sales process to attract new clients.
  • Work with senior team members to identify and manage risks.
  • Maintain fruitful relationships with clients and address their needs effectively.
  • Research and identify new market opportunities.
  • Foster a collaborative environment within the organization.
  • Any other ad-hoc tasks and responsibilities.

RM3,000 - RM3,500

jobs in Okami Holdings Sdn Bhd

KL City, Kuala Lumpur

Full Time
  • Develop marketing and advertising strategies to effectively reach the target audience and raise brand awareness.
  • Manage and grow DBD's digital presence on social media platforms (Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc.)
  • Manage and monitor DBD's website and social media accounts, including branding, website design, content creation, and optimization.
  • Drive traffic through several channels and look for potential corporate sponsorship.
  • Analyse campaign performance to evaluate and optimise marketing campaigns.
  • Implement strategies to improve the website’s search engine visibility (SEO).

RM3,000 - RM5,000

jobs in GWM STORE

KL City, Kuala Lumpur

Full Time
  • To assist the team in executing marketing programs, launches, activities & PR events.
  • Writing, reviewing, editing, and updating content for company websites, blogs, marketing materials, and similar platforms.
  • Assisting the creative team with the design of promotional materials.
  • Using social media to engage consumers, respond to questions or complaints, and to promote company initiatives.
  • To control, monitor and ensure the accuracy of the marketing budget.
  • To conduct market research and monitor competition activity.
  • To evaluate marketing campaigns.
  • Any other duties as required by management.
  • Manage promotional activities to endorse the product.
  • Manage social media to generate interest and monitor activity.
  • Arranging the effective distribution of marketing material.
  • Organizing and attending events.

RM2,500 - RM3,500

jobs in Oloiya

KL City, Kuala Lumpur

Full Time
  • Oversee online e-commerce channels and be responsible for day to day running of the online stores.
  • Respond to customer enquiries regarding to the product or customer orders
  • Supporting on-going routine operations and develop efficient work processes and build value for the company
  • Involve in e-commerce business development, formulate strategies and manage all campaign and promotion.
  • Manage customer enquiries and customer services
  • Management of website and online marketing media using the internal web administration tools
  • Deliver after sales services to maximize sales, customer satisfaction and retention
  • Resolving customer complaints via phone, email, social media platform
  • Undertake other adhoc duties assigned

RM3,000 - RM5,000

jobs in HiBlendr

KL City, Kuala Lumpur

Fast Response
  • You will help develop new e-commerce concepts end-to-end with respective stakeholders and functional teams.
  • Orchestrate interfacing activities with new e-commerce partners and streamline information to relevant stakeholders.
  • Coordinate existing marketplace businesses, always trying to continuously improve relevant KPIs.
  • Interact with Teams ensuring to offer the right products by serving an excellent content experience and sufficient supply.
  • Research and explore new influencers for the brand across different countries.
  • Design and manage social media accounts.
  • Assist in Operations.
  • Short video creating & editing for content, ads, etc.
  • Copywriting Creation for Ads.

RM800 - RM1,000

jobs in KS World Sdn Bhd

Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Full Time
  • Implementation of business development & marketing strategies
  • Create marketing and social media campaigns to maximise brand exposure
  • To create/ distribute engaging content to different media platforms
  • Manage, monitor & respond to social media audiences
  • Assist in planning & execution of school events (Open Days) and initiatives to drive awareness
  • Report to superior on daily sales activity & lead updates
  • Establish efficient & productive client working relationships

RM2,600 - RM3,200

jobs in MNP Auctioneers (Central) Sdn. Bhd.

George Town, Pulau Pinang

Full Time
  • 建立和发展公司品牌的知名度,协助产品开发,提供产品策略。
  • 策划和管理多媒体营销活动,分析每次促销的效果,并提交报表。
  • 为各种平台(包括网站、电子邮件和社交媒体发布)创建内容、撰写文案。
  • 为产品、服务和品牌制作在线视频广告(IG、Tik tok、小红书),参与前后制作过程,包括分镜和剪辑。
  • 在 Facebook、Instagram、Tik tok 和 Google 上投放广告。
  • 准备和设计营销材料,如产品目录、传单等。

RM2,500 - RM3,500

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    RM2,500 - RM3,500

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    jobs in Ricebowl Malaysia

    KL City, Kuala Lumpur

      RM3,000 - RM4,500

      jobs in Adverx Sdn Bhd

      Ampang, WP Kuala Lumpur

      Full Time
      • Develop optimization strategies that increase the company's website search engine results rankings
      • Execute tests, collect and analyze data and results, identify trends and insights in order to achieve maximum ROI
      • Research and implement search engine optimization recommendations
      • Create and execute link building strategy
      • Monitor daily performance metrics with SEO tools such as Google Search Console to understand SEO strategy performance
      • Perform ongoing keyword research, discovery and optimization for new SEO keywords to use throughout the company website and marketing materials
      • Write compelling and high-quality website content

      RM4,000 - RM6,000

      jobs in MB Consolidated Sdn Bhd

      KL City, Kuala Lumpur

      Full Time
      Fresh Graduates
      • To assist team in executing marketing programs, launches, activities (roadshow) & PR events.
      • To control, monitor and ensure accuracy of marketing budget.
      • To conduct market research and monitor competition activity.
      • To evaluate marketing campaigns.
      • Any other duties as required by management.
      • Manage promotional activities to endorse product
      • Manage social media to generate interest and monitor activity
      • Arranging the effective distribution of marketing material
      • Organising and attending events

      RM3,500 - RM6,500

      jobs in Aspires 165 Sdn Bhd

      KL City, Kuala Lumpur

      Full Time
      Fast Response
      • Contribute idea to marketing campaign
      • Compiling, distributing and presenting ideas, information and strategies
      • Managing production and performance of multimedia content
      • Give direction and work together with marketing team (website developer, video editor, graphic designer, digital marketer and copy writer)
      • Coordinating promotional activities and events
      • Conducting research and analysing data to identify and define audience
      • Managing social media campaigns
      • Monitor progress of campaigns using various metrics and submit reports of performance
      • Collaborate with managers in preparing budgets and monitoring expenses

      RM2,500 - RM3,500

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      jobs in

      KL City, Kuala Lumpur

        RM4,500 - RM6,000

        jobs in Astra Leadershift Sdn Bhd

        Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

        Full Time
        • 制定营销策略:基于市场研究,在线营销人员制定策略以吸引和留住客户。
        • 在线营销人员创建和发布内容,例如博客文章、文章、视频、社交媒体帖子和其他吸引客户并推广产品或服务的内容。
        • 在线营销人员管理社交媒体平台,例如 Facebook、Twitter、Instagram 和 LinkedIn,以提高品牌知名度、参与度和影响力。 他们还可以使用社交媒体来提供客户服务。
        • 在线营销人员创建和管理电子邮件活动以与客户建立关系并推动销售。
        • 在线营销人员使用分析工具来衡量营销活动的有效性,并相应地调整他们的策略。
        • 在线营销人员与销售、产品和设计等其他团队密切合作,以确保消息传递和品牌推广的一致性。
        • 在线营销人员紧跟行业趋势和最佳实践,以确保他们的策略有效且具有竞争力。

        RM3,500 - RM7,000

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        jobs in Mr. Autogate Automation

        Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

          RM2,000 - RM2,500

          jobs in Kaizer Exhibitions & Conferences Sdn Bhd

          KL City, Kuala Lumpur

          Full Time
          • To analyse trade exhibitions and promotions to create best practices and optimize future efforts.
          • To plan and manage and coordinate all marketing, advertising as well as promotional plans   and events.
          • Collabate with team members to identify key accounts for each exhibition and implement strategy marketing plans for the launch of all exhibitions.
          • To initiate continuous improvements in terms of sales and marketing initiatives and customer satisfaction.
          • Roll-out and manage brand appropriate in exhibitions.
          • To support any ad-hoc or pre-planned marketing activities from the Management from time to time.
          • Identify new markets and business opportunities as well as to recommend potential new trade exhibitions or ideas to the management.

          RM2,000 - RM5,000

          jobs in Hapond Digital Technology Sdn Bhd

          KL City, Selangor

          Full Time
          • 实现公司利益最大化,增长客户渗透率通过销售订单为现
          • 有客户提供服务,并通过计划和组织日常回访来建立新的潜在客户
          • 与现有和新客户密切合作并保持良好的业务关系
          • 根据适用的信用期及时跟进和收取客户款项
          • 协助执行公司制定的销售策略和促销活动
          • 进行市场研究,识别商机并监控市场的发展趋势并反馈给管理层
          • 确保货物及时送达客户手中
          • 上级指派的任何临时职责

          RM2,000 - RM3,000

          jobs in EDC Global Sdn Bhd

          Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

          Full Time
          • Work closely with the marketing and sales department to brainstorm and generate ideas & strategies for digital campaigns (Facebook, Tiktok, IG ads)
          • Measure and identify the performance of digital marketing campaigns, and access against goals (ROI & KPIs) & measure conversion tests
          • Plan and execute all digital marketing  campaigns (Facebook, Tiktok, IG ads)
          • Measure and report performance of all digital marketing campaigns, and assess against goals (ROI and KPIs)\
          • Undertake ad hoc projects/duties from time to time

          RM2,500 - RM5,000

          jobs in KK Ong International Sdn Bhd

          Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

          Full Time
          • 计划和执行课程的营销策略,提高销售量。
          • 协助客户/学生获得成功,帮助他们实现他们的目标
          • 写文案,内容,广告
          • 会不断推动自己
          • 以发挥最大潜力 具有创造性思维能力,
          • 能够解决问题 拥有机会和成长的心态 能够执行可能出现的其他随机任务

          RM3,300 - RM4,500

          jobs in A Serious Sdn Bhd

          Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

          • Exploring variety of company in the market that need Digital Marketing Service
          • Research on the need of the company toward digital marketing
          • Weekly Performance Reporting -Exploring and research on the marketing content
          • Assists to develop medium, channel and media services
          • Research on media player -Assists to research and identify media costing and selling price
          • Identify type of ads and ads service scope
          • Research on media strategy and ads deliverable
          • Develop ads documentation and support ads optimisation and operation

          RM700 - RM1,200

          jobs in Maukerja Malaysia (Agensi Pekerjaan Ajobthing Sdn Bhd)

          KL City, Kuala Lumpur

          • Support client in creating job postings
          • Arrange and schedule for interviews/ meetings
          • Prepare report and data
          • Conduct system/app testing and feedback to the relevant stakeholders
          • Generate leads from social media
          • Grow social media forum
          • Talent sourcing for hiring campaign
          • Create graphic to support marketing campaign
          • Research, propose and execute project
          • Conduct application testing and feedback to relevant stakeholders
          • Support team with any adhoc task

          RM700 - RM900

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          jobs in Clear Aligners III Sdn Bhd

          Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

          Fast Response

          jobs in Youniq
          Company Confidential

          KL City, Kuala Lumpur

          Fresh Graduates
          • 有效贡献想法和业务概念。
          • 为公司品牌识别和资格认证新业务机会,例如联盟营销和品牌跨界。
          • 快速了解社交媒体趋势,例如IG FB、TT等。 计划和管理社交媒体内容。
          • 必要时协助电子商务平台的直播主持人。

          Up To RM1,000 Per Month

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          jobs in Clear Aligners III Sdn Bhd

          KL City, Kuala Lumpur

          Fast Response