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Starlight Education Institute is an independent and legally operated tutorial school. We have been established for more than 10 years. As a professional primary and secondary school in Malaysia, we uphold the enthusiasm and hope for education, strive to improve the quality of teaching and provide a good learning environment for students to help them deal with problems and difficulties in learning .

Over the years, we have continuously innovated and improved teaching methods, hoping to bring students growth in grades and thinking, so that students can have a more enjoyable learning environment. We attach great importance to children's conduct, because [attitude will be with us for a lifetime], attitude can affect the future, and we also believe that good conduct can strengthen the learning effect, so we will also pay attention to the cultivation of students' conduct.

In addition, we also attach great importance to communication with parents. We will keep in touch with parents to let them know about their children's performance and progress in our hospital. We have also collected feedback from many parents on our teaching methods and systems in order to improve and provide students with a better learning experience.

Over the years, we have been working hard to continuously improve all aspects of services, such as teacher training, delivery services, after-school services such as meals, baths, homework classes, etc., hoping to create a comfortable learning environment for students and become the best choice for children. another home.

We will also organize various types of activities to let students learn together in joy and grow up in laughter. We have also been adhering to the mission of "teachers are attentive, children are happy, parents are at ease" to help every student and parent who has a relationship with Starlight.

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