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About LHWY International Pte. Ltd.

About LHWY International Pte. Ltd.:

LHWY (Love Health Wealth Young) International Pte Ltd, founded by CEO Mr. Peter Tan after his battle with COVID-19, embodies a transformative vision of holistic well-being. Our mission is to empower individuals to embrace the concept of "LHWY" – Love, Wealth, Health, and Young – as the pillars of a fulfilling life. Through rigorous research and the legendary Dragon Turtle mascot symbolizing vitality and longevity, we offer products harnessing the potential of mangosteen and other ingredients to recalibrate biological age and enhance immunity. Our range includes serums for cognitive health, face masks, and products tailored to unique health needs. We prioritize holistic wellness, with a focus on nurturing the mind and spirit through technology and mindfulness retreats. Our innovative sales system promotes financial empowerment, welcoming individuals to join our vibrant community dedicated to youthful living and creating a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Mission Statement:

To achieve love, health and wealth with advanced technology and well-researched products and services for the body, mind and spirit.

Vision Statement:

To be the leading sales force in Asia by providing premium wellness products and exclusive services associated with Love, Health, Wealth and Young.

Working Culture at LHWY International Pte. Ltd.:

  • Emphasis on teamwork and mutual support
  • Cultivation of innovation and creativity
  • Focus on employee career development and personal growth
  • Advocacy for a positive work environment and life balance

Benefits of Working at LHWY International Pte. Ltd.:

  • Competitive salary and benefits package
  • Dynamic work environment and team spirit
  • Diverse training and development opportunities
  • Flexible work arrangements and welfare measures

Promotion Opportunities:

LHWY International Pte. Ltd. is committed to providing opportunities for employee advancement and career development. We encourage employees to take initiative and continuously enhance their skills and knowledge.

Join Us Today:

Join LHWY International Pte. Ltd. to explore job opportunities, check out vacant positions, apply now, and discover more career development opportunities.

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