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About Golden Nahlee

About Golden Nahlee

Golden Nahlee is a pioneering force in the realm of Quranic education, particularly within the vibrant landscape of Sabah. Our vision is anchored in being the driving force behind Quranic education programs in the region. Committed to this vision, our mission is twofold: to offer comprehensive Quranic education and guidance that caters to lifelong learning needs, and to nurture a generation distinguished by scholarly prowess, skills, and expertise. We aspire to elevate the stature of Quranic teachers by providing systematic and efficient employment opportunities and services. Our objectives are clear: first, to cultivate a society well-versed in the teachings of the Quran; second, to establish ourselves as a Quranic Education Center operating in an Islamic environment; third, to enhance business systems and management with a focus on effectiveness and expertise; and fourth, to collaborate seamlessly with government departments, private entities, and non-governmental organizations. At Golden Nahlee, we are dedicated to shaping a future where Quranic knowledge flourishes, and our initiatives are aligned with fostering a holistic and enlightened community.

Mission Statement

At Golden Nahlee, our mission is to provide accessible and lifelong Quranic education and guidance. We are dedicated to nurturing individuals who embody scholarly prowess, skills, and expertise, contributing to the betterment of society.


Our vision is to be the driving force behind Quranic education in Sabah, empowering individuals with the knowledge and wisdom of the Quran. We aspire to create a legacy of enlightened individuals deeply connected to their faith.

Working Culture at Golden Nahlee

• Emphasis on collaborative learning and knowledge-sharing

• Inclusive and diverse work environment

• Commitment to work-life balance

• Encouragement of creativity and innovation

• Strong sense of community and mutual respect

Benefits of Working at Golden Nahlee

• Competitive salary packages

• Health and wellness programs

• Professional development opportunities

• Employee recognition and rewards

• Supportive work environment fostering personal and career growth

Promotion Opportunities at Golden Nahlee

At Golden Nahlee, we are committed to the growth and advancement of our employees. Our promotion opportunities are based on merit, and we provide a clear career path for individuals to reach their full potential. We invest in our employees' development, ensuring a fulfilling and progressive career journey.

Join Us Today

Are you passionate about Quranic education and seeking a rewarding career? Explore job opportunities at Golden Nahlee and be a part of a dynamic team dedicated to making a positive impact. Check out our job vacancies, apply now, and embark on a fulfilling career with us. Your journey to contribute to Quranic knowledge starts here!

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No.2, LOT 382, Taman Rimba Phase 1, Jalan Tuaran-Menggatal, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

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Teacher For Preshool and Primary Islamic School Full Time

MYR1,500 - MYR1,800 Per Month
3 Sep 2024