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Alpha Plastics Resources Sdn Bhd, founded in 2018, is dedicated to advancing environmental sustainability. Specializing in the transformation of recycled plastic into versatile resins, our company plays a crucial role in promoting eco-friendly practices within the plastic manufacturing industry.

Our Mission

At Alpha Plastics Resources, we are committed to Plastic Recycling and serving as Dealers in plastic raw materials, resins, goods, and articles related to the plastic manufacturing sector. Our mission revolves around promoting environmental responsibility and contributing to the circular economy by repurposing plastic waste into valuable resources.

Why Choose Us

• Environmental Commitment: We prioritize sustainability by transforming recycled plastic into high-quality resins, reducing the environmental impact of plastic waste.

• Industry Specialization: Our expertise lies in plastic recycling and the provision of essential materials for plastic manufacturing applications.

• Innovation: We continuously seek innovative solutions to enhance our recycling processes and develop new applications for recycled plastics.

• Market Engagement: As dealers in plastic raw materials, we actively engage with manufacturers to meet their material needs and support their sustainability goals.

Join Our Team

If you are passionate about environmental sustainability and seeking a rewarding career in the plastic recycling industry, Alpha Plastics Resources Sdn Bhd offers exciting opportunities for growth and impact. Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable future through responsible plastic recycling practices. Your journey towards a fulfilling career starts here!

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Alpha Plastics Resources Sdn Bhd

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PT 73986, No. 22, Jalan Bestari 2/Ku7, Taman Perindustrian Kapar Bestari, Kapar, Selangor, Malaysia