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Puchong, Selangor

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Osafe fire inspection has been established as a company that supply and service various kind of fire safety equipment and system. Osafe is a customers focused fire protection specialist. There and then, Osafe Fire Inspection made a daring decision of diversifying our traditional business to something unique ; We gladly proclaim to the world that we are the first fire safety equipment company in Malaysia and South East Asia that produce fire extinguishers with colourful designs and arts! Ladies and Gentlemen, let Osafe rocks the world with the latest version of the 21st century’s fire extinguisher!’’

Our main purpose of creating this new design idea is one of the best and effective way to let the people know the importance of fire prevention. This gorgeous product is not just merely an equipment but it is also a decoration ! Safety plus Beauty ! Who dares to display the old and traditional type of fire extinguishers in the middle of their living hall ? But the one from Osafe , I believe you just couldn’t wait to show off to your friends and close ones if you own one!

And for your information , Osafe Fire Inspection is focusing in producing portable fire extinguisher of ABC Dry Powder which is suitable for all ages that suits the colours and designs of your own wish for both home and car. We will be the leader in this industry within this region not only to enhance safety but we also set our vision to provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers and supporters as well.

At this moment we have a team of committed personnel to carry out our daily mission and duty but we are very positive that in the very near future; Osafe Fire Inspection will grow rapidly in size and capacity. OSAFE will become the most profound and well known household brand not only in Malaysia but throughout the world.

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