How to Become a Digital Nomad and Work From Anywhere
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How to Become a Digital Nomad and Work From Anywhere

post by Chloe Chan

by Chloe Chan

May 8, 2024
at 2:49 PM

Many young Malaysians dream of traveling the world and experiencing life as a digital nomad. Today, there are many young Malaysian millennials are eager to embrace this lifestyle.

Whether it's driven by a desire to explore new places or to find personal fulfillment, the trend of taking an extended gap year seems to be gaining popularity. Picture yourself working on your laptop in a cozy café amidst Bali's lush rice fields, or soaking in the stunning views of Norway's majestic mountains while working. The possibilities are endless.

As of today, Singapore stands as the 10th best country for creative digital nomads. So, if you interested working in Singapore, exploring remote or hybrid job opportunities while traveling could be an excellent way to ease into the digital nomad lifestyle. If you are Malaysian who interested working in Singapore, you may want to know guide for work permit, applications for Working Permit.


What is a Digital Nomad?

Digital nomads are people who work remotely while traveling to various places. They typically work from places like coffee shops, co-working spaces, or public libraries. They use devices like smartphones and mobile hotspots, which connect to the internet wirelessly, allowing them to work from anywhere they choose. Sounds interesting, right?

You could live this lifestyle like this, where work, your interests, and travel all come together. Whether you want to work all the time or just sometimes, as part of a company or on your own, let’s explore digital nomad jobs and how they can match up with what you want to achieve in your life and career.



Top Digital Nomad Jobs 

To become a digital nomal, you just need a laptop and a good internet connection to work. As you know, a digital nomad is someone who doesn't have a fixed office or home and works from different places using the internet. Thanks to technology, there are more digital nomad job opportunities in various fields like tech, business, creative work, administration, and education. There are a couple of ways to become a digital nomad. You can start applying for remote jobs or work as a freelancer in various job portal platform such as Maukerja, Ricebowl.


Top 10 Countries for Digital Nomads in 2024

Rank Country Taxes Taxes-free period Minimum Income Living Cost Health Score
1 Spain 15% 6 months €2140 673.7 60.9
2 Argentina 0 Full length visa  €2500 418.5 54.5
3 Romania 0 Full length visa  €3300 539.7 45.7
4 UAE 0 Full length visa  €5000 917.0 39.6
5 Croatia 0 Full length visa  €2539 686.8 48.8
6 Portugal 20% 6 months €3548 618.0 54.7
7 Uruguay 0 Full length visa  not required 812.1 40.3
8 Malta 0 Full length visa €2700 781.4 40.2
9 Norway 22% 6 months €2977 1098.9 60.2
10 Andorra 10% No tax free period not required 736.6 34.7

Even though Asia isn't mentioned in the list, Singaporeans who enjoy traveling around the region will be happy to hear that Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea, and Thailand have introduced new visas. Starting in March, Japan is offering a digital nomad visa to citizens of 49 countries, including Singapore. To qualify, you'll need to show proof of an annual income of at least 10 million yen, and like most digital nomad visas, you'll also need international health insurance. This visa is valid for six months but can't be renewed.

Living and working in another country gives you a chance to experience life and work in a whole new way, which you might miss out on if you stayed in Malaysia. If you're under 30, you might consider applying for a working holiday visa to Australia or New Zealand's Work Exchange Programme Visa. These visas have slightly easier requirements compared to regular work visas.

Whether you're dreaming of working on a farm or teaching English abroad, there are pros and cons to being a digital nomad. If you're determined to give it a try, keep an open mind and remember why you wanted to do it in the first place.

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