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jobs in ABC

KL City, Kuala Lumpur

Full Time, Part Time
Fast Response
  • Child care services managers plan, direct, coordinate and evaluate the provision of care for children in before-school, after-school, vacation and day care centres and services.
  • Tasks include –
  • Developing and implementing programmes to enhance the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of young children;
  • Etablishing and monitoring budgets and determining allocation of funds for staff, supplies, materials, equipment and maintenance;
  • Overseeing and coordinating the provision of care for children in before-school, after-school, day and vacation care centres;
  • Directing and supervising child carers in providing care and supervision for young children;
  • Managing physical facilities and making sure all buildings and equipment are maintained to ensure the centre is a safe area for children, staff and visitors;
  • Reviewing and interpreting government codes, and developing procedures to meet codes (e.g. concerning safety and security);
  • Monitoring children’s progress and conferring with parents or guardians;
  • Preparing and maintaining records and accounts for a child care centre;
  • Recruiting and evaluating staff and coordinating their professional development.

RM500 - RM2,500

jobs in OakTree Educare Group

Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Full Time
  • 监督华小学生功课
  • 华小补习
  • 培育孩子身心灵健康,在空闲时间准备活动/游戏

RM2,200 - RM3,600

jobs in Pusat Tuisyen Alam Pintar

KL City, Kuala Lumpur

Full Time
  • 工作时间: 星期一至星期五,12:00 p.m. 至 7:00 p.m.。
  • 教导小学课程。
  • 根据课程指引,准备每日及长期教学课程。
  • 采用不同的教学方法和教材 (如电脑、书籍、游戏等) 对学生进行教学。
  • 在课堂上维持学生的纪律和态度。
  • 分配和批改课堂作业。
  • 准备、管理和监督学校作业和测验,以评估儿童的进步。
  • 观察和评估学生的表现和行为。
  • 在上课和茶点时间监督学生。
  • 参加员工会议及其他会议,并与其他教师讨论有关学生的问题。
  • 与家长会议,一起讨论学生的进步和问题。

RM2,000 - RM3,000

jobs in Pusat Tuisyen Didik Budi

Cheras, Selangor

Full Time, Part Time
Fresh Graduates
  • 小学安亲班老师
  • 以学校课业为主
  • 准备补习的习题
  • 教导和检查学生的课业
  • 记录学生的进展
  • 准备每个星期的教学计划
  • 每星期发出报告
  • -待人接物有礼

RM2,500 - RM4,500

jobs in Angelbell Education Group Sdn Bhd

Kepong, WP Kuala Lumpur

Full Time, Part Time
Fresh Graduates
  • 根据中心的政策和框架计划、准备、监督和实施项目
  • 确保教室是一个干净、安全和有组织的环境
  • 在课堂上灌输秩序感和纪律感。
  • 监控操场上的空闲时间
  • 每月准备教学报告和反馈
  • 计划、监督和实施班级英语工作计划

RM1,800 - RM3,000

jobs in Academee Sdn Bhd

Muar, Johor

Full Time
  • To update lesson plans and teaching materials.
  • To help students achieve their full potential in academics.
  • To maintain a lively, clean and safe classroom environment.

RM1,500 - RM2,500

jobs in Nobel International School Sdn Bhd

Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Full Time
  • You are highly encouraged to implement various method of learning resources, innovative displays and other engaging learning schemes that will create a positive learning environment.
  • To plan and prepare appropriately the assigned courses and lectures.
  • To demonstrate competence in classroom instruction.
  • Keep abreast with the latest teaching pedagogy and technologies to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.
  • You will be involved in lesson planning and lesson delivery to our students.
  • To ensure that your lessons are delivered in a timely manner and that they are up to standard of an International School.
  • You will take responsibility for the academic progression of your students.
  • You will be responsible for the preparation and marking of work to facilitate positive student development.


jobs in Joy Smart Learning Centre

Cheras, Selangor

Full Time
Fresh Graduates
  • 带领学生有效学习
  • 评估学生学习进展
  • 出席老师会议

RM2,500 - RM4,500

jobs in Pusat Perkembangan Minda Unik Sempurna PLT

Setapak, Kuala Lumpur

Full Time
  • 为儿童提供基本护理,包括喂食、梳洗和换尿布。
  • 培养儿童适当的社交技能。
  • 鼓励积极的行为和良好的举止。
  • 运用故事、游戏、绘画等多种学习方法,激发孩子的智力。
  • 识别行为问题并制定适当的策略来解决这些问题。
  • 参加员工会议、会议和研讨会。
  • 定期召开家长会,解决任何问题、疑虑或家长投诉。
  • 提供舒适、安全、卫生的环境。
  • 与家长沟通并提供有关孩子进步的最新信息。

RM1,800 - RM3,800

jobs in Tadika Minda Fajar

Cheras, Selangor (+2)

Full Time, Part Time
Fresh Graduates
  • Conducting classes and intellectual development of children below primary school age through the provision of educational and play activities.
  • Providing basic care for children which includes feeding, grooming, and changing diapers.
  • Developing age-appropriate socialization skills in children.
  • Encouraging positive behavior and good manners.
  • Using various learning methods such as stories, games, and drawing to intellectually stimulate children.
  • Identifying behavioral problems and developing appropriate strategies to address them.
  • Attending staff meetings, conferences, and workshops.
  • Providing a pleasant, safe, and sanitary environment.
  • Communicating with parents/supervisor/management and providing updates on children’s progress.

Up To RM3,000 Per Month

jobs in Pusat Tuisyen Camar Jaya

Nibong Tebal, Pulau Pinang

Full Time
Fresh Graduates
  • 小学教师在小学教育阶段教授一系列科目。
  • 任务包括 –按照课程指南学习课文、教学、召回,Briefing Meeting;
  • 采用既定的系统教学方法和教材,对孩子进行单独和分组教学。
  • 保持课堂纪律和良好的工作习惯; 与孩子一起计划和开展活动,例如活动和短途旅行;
  • 分配和评分课堂作业和家庭作业; 准备、管理和评分测试和作业,以评估儿童的进步;
  • 观察和评估儿童的表现和行为; 在上课期间和上学日的其他时间监督孩子,包括休息期间;
  • 参加教职工会议和其他会议,并与其他教师就教育问题进行协商;
  • 准备和参与家长联络,讨论孩子的进步和问题。

RM1,500 - RM2,500

jobs in Panda Education (Penang Branch)

Butterworth, Pulau Pinang

Full Time
Fresh Graduates
  • 小学生教学班
  • 中学生教学班
  • 辅导和指导小学生的家庭作业
  • 激发他们的学习兴趣
  • 照顾他们的健康(安全、膳食、淋浴等)
  • 需要的在线技能
  • 与家长和学生沟通

RM2,000 - RM3,500

jobs in Sproutsucare Education Centre Plt

Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Full Time
  • 指导一到六年级学生的功课、家课与补习辅导
  • 协助准备教材教案和课堂所需
  • 提倡友好的学系环境
  • 跟进学生的课业进度与报告父母孩子学习进展
  • 与父母沟通孩子学习情况与问题

Up To RM3,500 Per Month

jobs in Little Caliphs International Sdn Bhd

Johor Bahru, Johor

Full Time
  • Learn, absorb, practice, and share with other teachers the spirit and content of The Little Caliphs Program (TLCP).
  • Understand the TLCP curriculum, syllabus and content accordance to Little Caliphs
  • Ensure that the weekly lesson is discussed and planned with principals / academic coordinators.
  • Ensure children assessment are capture and documented in Monthly parents communication book in accordance to TLCP standards.
  • Ensure assigned kindergarten classroom decorations and teaching aids, and ensure all materials are updated accordingly, always neat, and tidy.
  • Assist principal in updating and sharing activities with parents in social media and parent teacher meeting.
  • Conduct and monitor children activities in kindergarten such as pray, meal time, and nap time.
  • Document student attendance, ensure safety, well-being and treat each children with love and care at all time.
  • Communicate and work together with other staff to ensure smooth kindergarten academic and operations.
  • Assist children in taking bath, getting dress, eating and cleaning of themselves.
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of all students from arrival of the students to dismissal.
  • Following and comply to SOP, SPP and other guidelines that are set by the management of LCISB.
  • Ensure health and safety of children from their arrival and until dismissal.
  • Execute for school holiday program and teachers’ scheduling.
  • Ensure smooth operations in preparing and handling food for breakfast, lunch and tea
  • time.
  • Assist (when required) head of daycare in preparing children formula according to feeding schedule and ensure cleanliness of the feeding equipment.
  • Ensure smooth operations of daycare operations and activities at kindergarten.
  • Ensure cleanliness and supervise in all cleaning activity at daycare area.
  • Perform other duties when needed such as assisting in kindergarten event, opening or closing the kindergarten’s gate based on kindy schedule.
  • Prepare to become a Senior Teacher / Academic Coordinators.

RM1,500 - RM1,800

jobs in Apple Tree Education Sdn Bhd

Georgetown, Pulau Pinang

Full Time, Part Time
Fresh Graduates
  • 根据教育当局和理事机构建立的框架确定教育方案;
  • 实施监控学校表现和学生入学的系统和程序;
  • 指导有关学生入学和教育服务的行政和文书活动;
  • 控制行政运作,例如预算计划,报告准备以及用品,设备和服务的支出;
  • 为教学,学术和行政人员以及学生提供领导和指导;
  • 通过参观教室,观察教学方法,审查教学目标和检查学习材料来评估教师和讲师的工作;
  • 推广教育计划,并代表更广泛社区的服务或机构;
  • 监督教育设施的维护;
  • 制定和执行纪律守则,为学生和教师创造一个安全和有利的环境;
  • 与父母和社区团体以及赞助者一起组织和实施筹集额外资金的方法;
  • 控制人员的选拔,培训和监督。

RM2,000 - RM3,000

jobs in Glorious Kids Brain Centre

Subang Jaya, Selangor

Full Time, Part Time
  • 负责教导小学生课业包括华
  • 数和科学
  • 辅助学生完成功课
  • 检查及批改功课。
  • 负责2 至6 岁小孩的右脑教学
  • 灌输良好品德教育
  • 准备教学教材
  • 与同事和家长建立并保持良好关系。

Up To RM2,500 Per Month

jobs in Wisdom Quest Enrichment Centre

Cheras, WP Kuala Lumpur

Full Time, Part Time
Fresh Graduates
  • 负责安亲班的运作
  • 执教补习班
  • 训练小学生技能

Up To RM2,500 Per Month

jobs in Brilliant World Holdings Sdn Bhd

Batu Caves, Selangor

Full Time
  • Mendidik pelajar secara berhemah dan dapat memahami masalah pelajar dalam pembelajaran.
  • Membuat tugas persediaan dan laporan rutin perguruan.
  • Menjadi guru kelas dan lain-lain jawatan berkaitan.
  • Boleh mengajar Bahasa Arab.
  • Mempunyai sekurang-kurangnya diploma dalam bidang Bahasa Arab atau bidang yang berkaitan.
  • Bertanggungjawab untuk membimbing, mengarahkan, melatih dan menilai prestasi pelajar.
  • Boleh mengajar Bahasa Inggeris.
  • Mempunyai sekurang-kurangnya diploma dalam bidang Bahasa Inggeris atau bidang yang berkaitan.
  • Mempunyai kemahiran analisis, interpersonal dan komunikasi yang kuat.
  • Bertanggungjawab untuk mengajar pelajar dengan cara yang kreatif dan mudah difahami.
  • Boleh mengajar subjek Reka Bentuk & Teknologi.
  • Mempunyai sekurang-kurangnya diploma dalam bidang Reka Bentuk & Teknologi atau bidang yang berkaitan.
  • Kreatif dan mampu berfikir di luar kotak.
  • Berani mengambil inisiatif dan tidak takut mencuba perkara baru.
  • Menyediakan pelbagai pengalaman pembelajaran yang melibatkan pelajar secara aktif dan bersesuaian dengan keperluan individu mereka.

RM1,500 - RM1,999

jobs in YGLR Tadika Cahaya Li Ren & YGLR Tadika Cahaya Merah, YGLR Tadika Suria Li Ren

Petaling Jaya, Selangor (+2)

Full Time
Fast Response
Fresh Graduates
  • 协助观察和指导更高水平的学生
  • 分配的任何行政和管理任务
  • 记录学生的行为和工作表
  • 监控学生的进步和发展

RM2,000 - RM2,800

jobs in Shambalakidz

Kajang, Selangor

Full Time
  • 确保 Shambala Kidz 幼儿园在一般管理方面的整体平稳运行,包括收取学费、监督/协调所有课程和教练提供的活动。
  • 确保孩子的整体健康和安全,负责与每一位家长定期进行良好的沟通。
  • 提供教职员工的领导、指导和管理——员工招聘、雇用、发展、培训、评估,并提供动力和积极的工作环境,并领导学校的改进。
  • 管理教学人员的时间表和人力分配,以确保满足运营要求。
  • 准备、管理和监督分支机构的总体预算
  • 通过监督所有设施和设备的维护和卫生来监督设施,确定和规划未来设施的需求。
  • 计划并在社交媒体上发布有关学校活动或活动的信息。
  • 向家长提供咨询服务并向他们解释 ShambalaKidz 的学前课程和理念。

RM2,500 - RM3,000


Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Full Time
Fresh Graduates
  • 制定教学计划。
  • 批改已完成的工作表。
  • 向学生以专业和清晰的方式进行沟通。
  • 按时进行指定的辅导课程。
  • 监控和反馈学生的学习进度。
  • 管理并批改作业和考试试卷。
  • 维持课堂秩序和纪律。
  • 提供指导和教材。
  • 帮助和指导学生完成学校作业。
  • 规划假期活动。

RM2,000 - RM3,000

jobs in GA Edu Global Sdn Bhd

Kajang, Selangor

Full Time, Part Time
Fresh Graduates
  • Facilitating and teaching learners in the programmes offered by the centre.
  • Ensuring the day to day needs and condition i.e documented, clealiness of the centre are met to expectation.

RM1,500 - RM1,700

jobs in Pengurusan Dan Perkhidmatan AQC

Johor Bahru, Johor

Full Time
  • Teaching and guiding students to read Quran and understand tajwid.
  • Develop good attitude and become role model to the students

RM1,500 - RM2,500

jobs in An Namlu Education Centre

Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Part Time
  • Teaching students 6 to 12 y/o
  • Ensure that the class is in a controlled and orderly state by complying with the prescribed TTP/SOP
  • Understand & master the subject / learning module
  • Creative & innovative to attract students' interest in class
  • Prepare student reports
  • Attend meetings, courses or trainings that are organized
  • Establish a good relationship between students and parents

RM300 - RM1,000

jobs in Vista Care Centre

Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

Full Time
Fresh Graduates
  • 为学前儿童制定并实施有趣的课程和活动。
  • 创造一个安全和富有刺激性的学习环境。
  • 策划并参与庆祝活动和各种活动。
  • 与其他教师合作,共同支持学生的学习和发展。

RM2,000 - RM2,600

jobs in Skywhale Swimming Academy Sdn Bhd

Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Full Time
  • Teach swimming class by schedule
  • To keep the swimming pool clean at all time
  • Teach students base on our syllabus
  • Monitoring students progress
  • Ensuring water safety of students
  • Communicate with parents

RM1,500 - RM8,000

jobs in The Praxis House Sdn Bhd

Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

Full Time, Part Time
Fresh Graduates
  • 准备教材、教学呈现及笔记
  • 批改作业及功课
  • 准备学习及考试报告
  • 营造一个学习气氛浓厚的教室

Up To RM2,600 Per Month

jobs in Smart One Education Group Sdn Bhd

Puchong, Selangor

Full Time
  • Provide basic care and caregiving activities
  • Use a wide range of teaching methods (stories, media, indoor or outdoor games, drawing etc) to enhance the child’s abilities
  • Evaluate children’s performance to make sure they are on the right learning track
  • Remain in constant communication with parents and update them on the progress of their children
  • Observe children’s interactions and promote the spirit of concord
  • Identify behavioral problems and determine the right course of action

RM2,500 - RM5,000

jobs in Sciencetech Education Sdn Bhd

Ampang, WP Kuala Lumpur

Full Time
Fast Response
Fresh Graduates
  • 为小学开展计算机和STEM课程及培训

RM2,800 - RM3,200