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Since the establishment of our first restaurant in November 2000, the Oriental Group is recognised to be the top Chinese restaurant group in Malaysia specialising in fine Cantonese cuisine while preserving traditional aspects of Chinese culinary in taste, aroma and style. To date, the group has 13 restaurants under the Oriental brand across Kuala Lumpur – ORIENTAL PAVILION, NOBLE MANSION, TANG ROOM, SEAFOOD WORLD, NOBLE M, THE MING ROOM, THE HAN ROOM, ORIENTAL TREASURE, ORIENTAL STAR and around the City’s golden triangle – NOBLE HOUSE, NOBLE BANQUET, NOBLE Q and ORIENTAL LANDMARK. In 2014, the group introduced RUYI - the first hybrid multi concept of event space, restaurant and bar over 22,000 square feet equipped with state-of-the-art dining and audio visual facilities in Kuala Lumpur. RUYI offers the most innovative pork-free Chinese cuisine and a newly introduced Western kitchen in a determination of bringing all races and nationalities together through an enjoyable dining experience encompassing cross culinary varieties. Embracing the rising popularity of the Chinese pork-free concept, RUYI’s sister outlet YU opens its doors in 2018 incorporating fresh dim sum, high tea, an eclectic Modern Chinese menu and an acclaimed bespoke cocktail bar within an intimate dining space of 80 covers. The same year, YU announced its global expansion into Melbourne, Australia with the opening of YU KITCHEN - a Chinese fine dining collaboration with Australian restauranteurs Calia Collective with an eclectic menu curated by 2 Michelin Starred Chef Kentaro of Shisen Hatten, Singapore. The group, in its continuous efforts in ensuring quality and successive Chinese Cuisine that is distinctive in taste, innovative by creation within a variety of ambiences that will be enjoyed by all in the next generations to come.

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Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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