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SSM No : 1504749-P

MYR1,800 - MYR2,200 Per Month
Commission: MYR500 - MYR3,000

KL City, Kuala Lumpur

Fewer than 15 applicants. Your chances are good!

Posted 3 days ago • Closing 25 Apr 2024

Fewer than 15 applicants. Your chances are good!


Customer Reception and Consultation:

Warmly welcome customers and provide information and advice regarding advertising apparel.

Product Display:

Showcase advertising apparel products, explaining features and designs.

Sales Recommendations:

Recommend suitable advertising apparel styles and customization options based on customer needs.

Order Processing:

Handle customer orders, ensuring accuracy and completeness.

Price Negotiation:

Negotiate prices with customers, offering promotional packages and discounts.

After-Sales Service:

Address customer inquiries about orders, delivery, and product details, providing post-sales support.

Achievement of Sales Targets:

Ensure the attainment of personal sales targets and actively participate in promotional activities.

Display Maintenance:

Maintain the presentation of advertising apparel in-store, ensuring a tidy and organized display.

Market Feedback:

Collect customer feedback on advertising apparel products, providing improvement suggestions.

Sales Records:

Record and report sales data, providing regular updates to management.

New Product Promotion:

Stay informed about and actively promote newly launched advertising apparel products.

Team Collaboration:

Collaborate with other sales team members to collectively enhance overall sales performance.

Sales Training:

Continuously undergo training on advertising apparel product knowledge and sales techniques.


Customer Interaction:

Engage with customers, understand their needs, and offer assistance.

Product Expertise:

Have thorough knowledge of advertising apparel products and customization options.

Sales Guidance:

Provide personalized guidance to customers, suggesting suitable products.

Product Presentation:

Showcase products effectively, highlighting features and benefits.

Order Management:

Process orders accurately, ensuring correct product selection and details.

Customer Support:

Address inquiries and feedback promptly to enhance the customer experience.

Visual Appeal:

Contribute to maintaining an attractive store layout.

Promotions Participation:

Actively engage in special events, promotions, and launches.

Market Awareness:

Stay informed about industry trends and customer preferences.






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  • Training Provided
  • Commission Payment

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jobs in Wishtee Marketing Sdn Bhd

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About Company

jobs in Wishtee Marketing Sdn Bhd

Wishtee Marketing Sdn Bhd Wishtee Marketing Sdn Bhd is top company

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