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    RM1,500 - RM2,200

    jobs in Mango

    Putrajaya, Putrajaya

    Full Time
    Fresh Graduates
    • Plan, create and execute overall business visual merchandising strategy.
    • Design appealing merchandise display in order to attract visitors to the store.
    • Developing strategies to highlight promotions, price changes, clearance and holiday/seasonal needs.
    • Work closely with relevant departments for effective execution for all Visual Merchandising and display activities.
    • Keep abreast industry and market trends.

    Up To RM2,600 Per Month

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    初级造型师 初级造型师
    (Full Time, Part Time)

      Up To RM3,000 Per Month

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        RM2,000 - RM6,500

        jobs in My Dental Care

        Cheras, WP Kuala Lumpur (+3)

        Full Time
        Fresh Graduates
        • Responsible and ensure patient appointments rearranged and managed accordingly as prescribed in the clinic SOP.
        • To provide friendly customer service by the 6S principles.
        • Ensure that the locum doctor on duty is in for medofthetimeofre placement duty a early as possible.
        • Explain to patients regarding medications and charges and complete treatment records and payments.
        • To carry out promotional and sales of clinic services and products as directed by the Company from time time
        • Prepare and pack items for treatment as directed SOP–autoclave,treatmentequipmentandsoon.
        • Ensure all treatment equipment is functioning appropriately.A Preliminary report should be made incase of any damage.
        • Assist The Doctor During Treatment Muchas, calming the patient and handing out treatment equipment when requested.

        RM1,500 - RM1,800

        jobs in Penyet Express Sdn Bhd

        Imbi, Kuala Lumpur (+2)

        Full Time
        • Controlling the entire restaurant operations.
        • Ensure the outlet operation flow smoothly.
        • Ensure the outlet workers follow SOP.
        • Employee's weekly schedules.
        • Manage employee's position and responsibilities
        • Maintain great and collaborative atmosphere to achieve and maintain high satisfaction from customer.
        • Ensure the restaurant is organized and restocked for the full service and order the stock according to requirement.
        • Maintain high socialize and able to resolve all issues from within management and from customers.
        • Ensure low wastage level of products.
        • Track customer behavior and sales trend to stimulate and achieve higher result.
        • Promotes teamwork among staffs to enhance sales performance and customers' satisfaction.
        • Hire and provide on-the-job training to waiters, kitchen crew & bartender to strengthen their current performance.
        • Prepare daily, weekly or monthly report and employee performance report.
        • Perform process for opening and closing cashier.
        • Promote & share the latest menu with customers.
        • Attend and solve customers' complaints effectively.
        • Provide constructive ideas to increase the outlet's sales performance.
        • Coordinate & cooperate with all the company departments.
        • Report to the Operation Manager, responsible for the business performance of the Outlet, as well as maintaining high standards of food, services, and health and safety.
        • Organize workflow and ensure that employees understand their duties or delegated tasks.
        • Escalate information from top management to employees and vice versa.
        • Collaborate with HR to prepare Punch Card Record, Annual Leave Form, New Staff Form, OT Form in well-detailed.

        RM2,500 - RM3,500

        jobs in Mango

        Putrajaya, WP Putrajaya

        Full Time, Part Time
        Fresh Graduates
        • Greet, serve and assist customers as they enter the store
        • Ensure customer satisfaction by providing good customer service
        • Keep up-to-date with special and on-going promotion
        • Manage product display at store, promote and up keep the brand's image
        • Practice security measures in order to uphold a safe and comfortable environment for customers
        • Take instructions and perform task with full commitment assigned by superior

        Up To RM2,300 Per Month

        jobs in Goobne Sdn Bhd

        KL City, Kuala Lumpur (+2)

        Full Time
        Fast Response
        • To lead and manage the outlet operations
        • To ensure SOP, good hygiene and good standards practiced in the outlet
        • To train/ organize training for outlet crews to learn and improve their performance.
        • To deal with outlet staff work issues
        • To manage food costs, staff costs and wastages and inventory costs
        • To actively take part in increasing revenues
        • To handle outlet finances and good record of money flow.
        • To handle customer happiness, complaints and feedback.
        • Any other responsibilities deemed needed, that may be added from time to time.

        RM2,800 - RM3,500

        jobs in SP Autism Behavioral Center Sdn Bhd

        Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur (+2)

        Full Time, Part Time
        Fresh Graduates
        • Support child development through intensive play-based interactions and clinical programs set by case supervisors
        • Work with toddlers, pre-schoolers, school-going children, teenagers and adults
        • Execute individual and group programs
        • Work closely with the team/parents to implement goals
        • Provide in-centre services, home-based or school-based support (to be determined per case basis)

        RM2,000 - RM2,500

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        jobs in Kate Spade Malaysia

        Petaling Jaya, Selangor

        • Be part of a leading global design house of brands
        • Opportunities for enhanced learning
        • Attractive sales commissions


        jobs in Sangkaya (M) Sdn Bhd

        KL City, Kuala Lumpur (+2)

        Full Time
        Fresh Graduates
        • 为顾客服务和推销冰淇淋。
        • 保持店铺清洁卫生。
        • 处理现金。
        • 每天更新每日销售额并将销售资金存入银行。

        RM1,600 - RM1,800

        jobs in Watsons Personal Care Stores Sdn Bhd

        PUTRAJAYA, Selangor

        Full Time
        • Maintain
        • a professional level of customer service in promoting the company's products:
        • Provide professional services to customers
        • Ensure adequate stock levels
        • Achieve sales targets (sales target)
        • Being a cashier and promote expertise in card

        RM2,100 - RM2,500

        jobs in Orlin Academy Sdn Bhd

        Putrajaya, Putrajaya

        Full Time
        Fast Response
        • Responsibility
        • Conduct class with creativity and follow the guideline highlighted by the company.
        • Plan Individual Education Plan for termly, monthly and weekly.
        • Prepare report for child development and progress
        • Conduct curriculum activities in class
        • Attend seminar/in-house training/courses directed by the company
        • Perform tasks directed by the company

        RM1,500 - RM1,800

        jobs in The Everly Group Sdn Bhd

        KL City, Kuala Lumpur (+2)

        Full Time
        • 向潜在客户推销销售建议,推广和销售一系列计算机软件和其他信息和通信技术商品和服务,包括安装、系统、应用程序,并根据需要提供专业信息;
        • 支持公司实现销售目标,应用营销策略,对潜在客户进行销售拜访,建立融洽关系,了解客户的需求和要求,提出适当的建议并结束/完成销售。
        • 任务包括——
        • 向零售、工业和其他机构征求订单和销售软件、解决方案、系统、应用程序等;
        • 向商业机构或个人销售软件、解决方案、系统、应用程序、技术设备、用品和相关服务;
        • 讨论新客户和现有客户的需求,并提供有关特定软件、解决方案、应用设备、用品和服务如何满足这些需求的专业信息;
        • 报价和谈判价格和付款条件,完成合同和记录订单;
        • 更新客户/客户记录并准备销售报告;
        • 管理客户的账户;
        • 安排货物交付、安装软件、解决方案、应用程序、设备和提供服务;
        • 向公司报告客户的反应和要求;
        • 准备周报和其他定期销售报告; 和
        • 完成公司不时交办的其他任务。

        RM3,000 - RM4,500

        jobs in Khalifah Wealth Solution Sdn Bhd

        Putrajaya, Putrajaya

        Full Time, Part Time
        Fresh Graduates
        • Sales & Marketing
        • Give Awareness regarding Takaful & Financial Services
        • Serve Clients
        • Agency Building
        • Recruitment

        RM2,000 - RM10,000