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jobs in A Star Kids Childcare Centre Sdn Bhd

Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Fresh Graduates

    RM3,000 - RM3,500

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    jobs in A Star Kids Childcare Centre Sdn Bhd

    Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

    Fresh Graduates

      RM2,000 - RM2,500

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      jobs in Pusat Pendidikan Berterusan UM

      Cyberjaya, Selangor


      • Medical Allowance
      • Yearly Bonus
      • Allowance

      RM1,960 - RM5,459

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      jobs in NG Jewels Sdn Bhd

      KL City, Kuala Lumpur

      Fresh Graduates

      • Fun
      • Friendly
      • Energetic

      RM2,500 - RM3,000

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      jobs in HelloTool Sdn Bhd

      Kerinchi, Kuala Lumpur

        RM2,500 - RM4,000

        jobs in Pusat Tuisyen Sukaria Jaya

        Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

        Full Time, Part Time
        Fresh Graduates
        • 教师和助教必须能够在小学教育阶段教授一系列科目(国语、英语和华语)
        • 根据课程指南准备课程表/计划;
        • 保持良好的职业道德和纪律;
        • 与孩子一起计划和开展活动
        • 分配和评分课堂作业
        • 准备、管理和评分测试和作业
        • 观察和评估孩子的表现和行为;
        • 监督孩子

        RM1,500 - RM3,000

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        jobs in AcaMaths

        Puchong, Selangor

        • Career development

        RM500 - RM1,000

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        jobs in Pay Fong Middle School

        Melaka City, Melaka

          RM2,950 - RM3,000

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          jobs in MyGenius Education

          Kota Kemuning, Selangor (+2)

          Fresh Graduates

            RM3,000 - RM3,500

            jobs in I Can Read Sri Hartamas

            Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

            Full Time
            Fast Response
            • Working with children between the aged 2.5 to 12 years old
            • Teaching pre-reading skills to children using the I Can Read System
            • Teaching reading and comprehension skills using the I Can Read System
            • Teaching writing skills, including grammar, editing and publishing
            • Teaching oral presentation and communication skills
            • Helping children develop social skills and positive classroom behaviour
            • Teachers will conduct initial assessments for all incoming students
            • Teachers will regularly assess students during classes to monitor individual progress
            • Teacher will maintain regular open communication with parents, through informal meetings, formal meetings and scheduled parent teacher meetings
            • Teacher will keep attendance logs for all classes taught and update Centre Management when a student is ready for promotion
            • Teacher will attend regular Learning Centre Team meetings
            • Increasing sign-ups - achieved through maximising the assessment process
            • Minimising withdrawals – achieved through maximising the teaching process

            RM3,000 - RM3,200

            jobs in Yelaoshr SS2

            Petaling Jaya, Selangor

            Full Time, Part Time
            Fresh Graduates
            • 用有效的方法以提高孩子的学习能力
            • 用创意的教学以培养孩子的学习兴趣
            • 用爱心和耐心,鼓励孩子持续进步
            • 对孩子亲切温和,尊重及体谅
            • 耐心,细心,亲切,温和,积极
            • 有责任心,执行力,沟通能力
            • 负责1对1教导3-12岁的孩子,认字阅读/珠算/幼儿全脑开发

            RM2,000 - RM2,500

            jobs in The Notes Studio

            Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

            Full Time, Part Time
            Fresh Graduates
            • 提供办公室支持服务,以确保工作室的效率和有效性,包括注册和费用支付
            • 履行文书职责以维持管理,例如安排课程
            • 执行接待员职能,包括与学生、家长和老师打交道
            • 需要在需要时执行一般管理和临时职责
            • 协助日常运营和业务活动。

            RM2,400 - RM3,200

            jobs in Shambalakidz

            Johor Bahru, Johor

            Full Time
            • To teach English with proper English.
            • Work in a positive and supportive environment with a team of dedicated Early Childhood education peers and administrative staff.
            • Nurture good manners and characteristics in students and be a positive role model to the children.
            • Engage and motivate children through experiential & hands-on activities.
            • Plan, supervise and implement a holistic and developmentally appropriate lessons according to the curriculum framework.
            • Prepare teaching materials and create a stimulating and engaging pleasant learning environment.
            • Foster and build on children’s interest in learning.
            • Observe and monitor learning progress & development of children.

            RM2,000 - RM3,500

            jobs in SH Retail Academy

            Klang, Selangor

            Full Time
            • Regular meeting with the team to discuss types, location, and time of training programs for the upcoming month
            • Discuss and clarify with the Training Manager regarding lesson planning when needed to ensure contents and objectives of training programs are well comprehended so training programs can be effectively conducted
            • Daily discussion with the team about training strategies, initiatives and changes needed to be made on training program with the aim of meeting training objectives
            • Enhance lesson plans for training programs that will be allocated to all levels of staff by gathering resources and information through discussion with trainers and technical manager in order to serve as a guideline when conducting training
            • Plan self-enhancement and upskilling by attending various seminars/workshops/train-the-trainer
            • Brainstorm suitable new training syllabus to Training Manager by gathering feedbacks from trainees
            • Design and prepare training materials such as videos, presentation slides, props, script
            • Formulate and administer pre- and post-training tests to trainees based on the respective programs as a means to evaluate trainees’ attentiveness, usefulness and applicability of the program
            • Assess and review the effectiveness of training programs after each training session and include suggestions to advance the particular program
            • Participate in video shooting activities for the purpose of pre-recorded online training
            • Plan and organize any ad-hoc assignments allocated by superior such as staff engagement activities and article writing
            • Assist other trainers’ trainings by setting up the training venue, marking attendance, and photo-taking to ensure the training runs on time and smoothly

            RM3,000 - RM4,000

            jobs in Global Outsourcing Company

            Kajang, Selangor

            Full Time
            Fast Response
            • Assist/ conduct tuition classes for primary school students.
            • Homework coaching and assisting in before/ after-school care.
            • Planning workshop or holiday programme.
            • Overseeing students’ discipline.
            • Administrative works.

            RM2,800 - RM3,000

            jobs in PDCE Resources Sdn. Bhd.

            Petaling Jaya, Selangor

            Full Time
            • To recruit students and ensure the student numbers are met as per target set.
            • To participate and execute marketing plans and strategies on student recruitment.
            • To promote programmes/ courses offered by SEGi in various student enrolment activities such as education fairs, exhibitions, roadshows, school events, etc.
            • To assist in course inquiries by students/ parents and provide detailed information such as course outline, fee structure and career pathway.
            • To attend to walk-in, call-in, write-in and email-in inquiries.
            • To secure appointments and follow up with prospects students.
            • To convert the unconverted leads into opportunities.


            jobs in Micro Concept Tech Sdn Bhd

            Shah Alam, Selangor

            Full Time
            • Preparing daily and longer term lesson plans in accordance with curriculum guidelines.
            • Preparing teaching modules and contents with guide from superior.
            • Planning and Preparing IT and equipment for classes.
            • Preparing, assembling and testing education kit electronics components.
            • Instructing children individually and in groups, using various teaching methods and materials (e.g. computers, books, games), adapting to children’s varying needs;
            • Maintaining discipline and good working habits during class sessions;
            • Planning and conducting activities with the children such online or face to face.
            • Preparing, administering and grading tests and assignments to evaluate children’s progress;
            • Supervising children during classes.
            • Participating in staff meetings and other sessions, and conferring with other team members.
            • Meet key performance indicators set for the departments.
            • Carry out directions/instructions from the Management in accordance with the business requirements from time to time.

            RM1,800 - RM2,000

            jobs in Pusat Tuisyen Alam Pintar

            Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

            Full Time
            • 工作时间: 星期一至星期五,12:00 p.m. 至 7:00 p.m.。
            • 教导小学课程。
            • 根据课程指引,准备每日及长期教学课程。
            • 采用不同的教学方法和教材 (如电脑、书籍、游戏等) 对学生进行教学。
            • 在课堂上维持学生的纪律和态度。
            • 分配和批改课堂作业。
            • 准备、管理和监督学校作业和测验,以评估儿童的进步。
            • 观察和评估学生的表现和行为。
            • 在上课和茶点时间监督学生。
            • 参加员工会议及其他会议,并与其他教师讨论有关学生的问题。
            • 与家长会议,一起讨论学生的进步和问题。

            RM2,000 - RM3,000

            jobs in Mindrich Education Sdn Bhd

            Shah Alam, Selangor

            Full Time
            • Secondary education teachers teach one or more subjects at secondary education level, excluding subjects intended to prepare students for employment in specific occupational areas.
            • Deliver lessons in a comprehensive manner and use visual/audio means to facilitate learning.
            • Extend individualized instruction to each student by promoting interactive learning.
            • Produce and share educational content (notes, summaries, assignments etc.).
            • Prepare assessment, test & examination papers to the standard required by the school.
            • Evaluate and record students' development and provide grades and feedback.
            • Maintain a tidy and orderly classroom.
            • Work with other teachers, parents and stakeholders and participate in regular meetings.
            • Organise and execute educational in-class and outdoor activities and events.
            • Observe and understand students' behaviour and psyche and report suspicions of neglect, abuse etc. Assist in maintaining students' discipline at all time.
            • Develop and enrich professional skills and knowledge by attending seminars, conferences etc.
            • Participating in meetings concerning the school’s educational or organizational policies;
            • Planning, organizing and participating in school activities such as excursions, sporting events and concerts.

            RM3,300 - RM3,800

            jobs in XYZ Mind Grow

            Kampar, Perak

            Full Time, Part Time
            • Planning and Participating Center's Events
            • Designing; preparing and giving lessons in one or more subjects
            • Adapting teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students’ varying needs and interests;
            • Preparing reports about pupils’ work and conferring with other teachers and parents
            • Participating in weekly and monthly meetings concerning organizational policies

            RM1,500 - RM3,000

            jobs in Little Caliphs International Sdn Bhd

            Sepang, Selangor

            Full Time
            Fresh Graduates
            • Learn, absorb, practice, and share with other teachers the spirit and content of The Little Caliphs Program (TLCP).
            • Understand the TLCP curriculum, syllabus and content accordance to Little Caliphs
            • Ensure that the weekly lesson is discussed and planned with principals / academic coordinators.
            • Ensure assigned kindergarten classroom decorations and teaching aids, and ensure all materials are updated accordingly, always neat, and tidy.
            • Assist principal in updating and sharing activities with parents in social media and parent teacher meeting.
            • Conduct and monitor children activities in kindergarten such as pray, meal time, and nap time.
            • Document student attendance, ensure safety, well being and treat each children with love and care at all time.
            • Assist children in taking bath, getting dress, eating and cleaning of themselves.
            • Ensure the safety and well being of all students from arrival of the students to dismissal.
            • Following and comply to SOP, SPP and other guidelines that are set by the management of LCISB.
            • Ensure health and safety of children from their arrival and until dismissal.
            • Execute for school holiday program and teachers’ scheduling.
            • Ensure smooth operations in preparing and handling food for breakfast, lunch and teatime
            • Ensure cleanliness and supervise in all cleaning activity at daycare area.
            • Perform other duties when needed such as assisting in kindergarten event, opening or closing the kindergarten’s gate based on kindy schedule.

            RM1,500 - RM1,800

            jobs in Khalifah Lestari (M) Sdn Bhd

            Johor Bahru, Johor

            Full Time
            • Help achieve TLCP mission: -
            • To nurture the love of Islam and the knowledge of Islam to children ''
            • To provide an attractive and effective experience for children using the most effective methods in early childhood education ''
            • Learn, understand, apply and share with teachers about completing The Little Caliphs Program (TLCP)
            • Responsible for taking care of pupils, classes and kindergartens
            • Communicate with parents / guardians
            • Keeps kindergartens and classes clean, tidy and organized
            • Ensuring the safety and behavior of children during the school session
            • Prepare lesson plans & classroom decorations and kindergartens
            • Responsible for inquiry registration, documentation and administration.

            RM1,500 - RM1,600

            jobs in Starriest Baby

            Shah Alam, Selangor

            Full Time
            Fast Response
            Fresh Graduates
            • Teaching and following a daily routine.
            • Adapting the program to suit the needs of the individual child or group.
            • Consistently planning innovative ways of keeping children actively engaged.
            • Imparting knowledge to children through fun and play.
            • Ensuring the social and emotional growth of the child.

            RM1,700 - RM2,000

            jobs in Dragonfly KiddyLand

            Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang

            Full Time, Part Time
            Fresh Graduates
            • 在上课前做好必要的准备。
            • 根据课程计划和教学大纲进行课程。
            • 参与学校活动的策划
            • 始终确保孩子的安全。
            • 不时更新校长关于孩子的进步
            • 监控和确保操作系统的顺畅流动并反馈给负责人
            • 参加所有会议、专业培训和其他培训。
            • 上级委派给您的任何其他合理工作。

            Up To RM2,600 Per Month

            jobs in Alen Edutainment

            Johor Bahru, Johor

            Full Time
            • 会编写内容,懂得马来文bm与华语
            • 课程助理,帮忙准备课程资料
            • 工作地点: JOHOR JAYA, JB。

            RM208.33 - RM416.67

            jobs in Mathematics Olympiad Academy

            Segamat, Johor

            Full Time
            Fresh Graduates
            • Coaching primary students (7 - 12 y/o) on Math Olympiad program.
            • Follow structured learning plan and curriculum.
            • Conduct physical lessons (with occasional online lesson).
            • Keeping records on students' progress.

            Up To RM4,000 Per Month

            jobs in Journey Kidz Education Sdn Bhd

            Sungai Buloh, Selangor

            Full Time
            Fresh Graduates
            • 需會照顾4-6岁的幼童。每日工作內容包括:给幼童洗澡与教学课程
            • 有爱心与有耐心,开朗的性格,因每日与幼儿的互動多,唱歌跳舞,跑跑跳跳,都是需要的。
            • 必须会与英文沟通能读英文。三语兼顾這是履历加分项。
            • 必需有能力完成学校的幼儿班课程編排,学校的幼儿班课程都是需要动手学习的活动…

            RM1,800 - RM3,000

            jobs in International Early Years Village Sdn Bhd

            Kepong, WP Kuala Lumpur

            Full Time
            Fresh Graduates
            • Support Homeroom teacher with planning class activities.
            • Facilitate classes according to the curriculum guidelines.
            • Participate in regular duties outside lesson times.
            • Offer all students equal opportunities to learn and maintain an environment in which no student is exposed to discriminatory behavior.
            • Undertake tasks associated with the ongoing development of the school’s curriculum.
            • Create a classroom environment conducive to the development of critical and creative learning and appropriate for the physical, social, and emotional development of students.
            • Maintain a safe, clean, learning environment and ensure the wellbeing and safety of the children in his/her care.
            • Participate in staff meetings, training days, parent-teacher conferences, and school functions according to the published schedule.
            • Communicate with parents on children’s learning progress when necessary.

            RM1,800 - RM3,000

            jobs in Sim Educare & Learning Sdn Bhd

            Subang Jaya, Selangor (+2)

            Full Time
            • Need to coordinate with supervisors for planning and executing programs for children
            • Need to adapt to the teaching work plan/programs
            • Required to ensure that all teaching hardware & software are in place at tip-top condition before and after the class
            • Need to in charge of executing appropriate activities outlined in the standard operating procedure
            • Required to administrate the children in care and concern manner
            • Need to work closely with supervisor to achieve zero complaints from children/parents
            • Need to ensure safe, healthy and hygienic activities are conducted on a regular basis
            • Need to handle & control of customers property such as children's personal belongings are maintained individually and ensure no misplace or loss

            RM2,000 - RM3,000