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Being a Full Service Provider is key to Fremantle success and with a Malaysia based manufacturing plant capable of supplying quickly and efficiently in a wide range of materials including corrugated, metal, wood and acrylic as well as extremely cost effective partnership arrangements to provide service of installation. Fremantle continues to build its reputation in various key market sectors. Temporary and Permanent Retail Displays as well as Store-In-Store, Pop-Up, Event and Exhibition Display Stands are well within the impulse teams in-house capabilities. We can offer advice, research, training days and background knowledge in the design, engineering and manufacture of a wide range of relevant and suitable in-store displays for Brands and Retailers alike. Offering a comprehensive and cost effective solution to our clients is key as we continues to build and expand its potential to the market. Our capable in creative design, prototyping, engineering, manufacturing ans delivery process enables Fremantle to offer its Clients the best solutions to their In-Store displays requirements. For more details,





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