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A Zon Educare Advisory

Bandar Puteri, Sabah

Company SSM No SA 0148658-W


A Zon Educare Advisory was founded in 2006. A Zon team provide parenting consultation, child learning and development assessment and intervention for children with developmental and learning disability. We also provide a comprehensive life-education and training for children of all ages.

A Zon has a professional team including trainers from child and parenting life-education background as well as qualified psychologists. The dedicated team is trained rigorously to serve children and parents through our professional courses and services. A Zon is actively developing and continuing to explore the non-academic aspect of life-education and training models to serve children and parents better.

In order to promote the social, humanistic and educational spirit, A Zon team makes the effort in building a platform for children and their families to lead a happy, wholesome life.




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