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Setapak, Kuala Lumpur

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A leading full-service sales & marketing agency providing outsourced sales, marketing and promotional services to clients in the financial industry. One of the most effective sales, marketing and service companies in the industry, Ace Capital is dedicated to achieving success for its clients. This relentless focus on results has made Ace Capital the proven resource for any clients wanting to get the best and proper advise from us.

One of the most critical pillars in our three-year strategic plan is a focus on PEOPLE. To reach our goals, to be the best that we can be as a provider of outstanding advisory services, we have to hire the right people and offer exciting and challenging career opportunities. Whether you prefer a role in finance, marketing, human resources or on our leadership team, your career search for those opportunities begin here. So, change your future, by becoming part of ours!





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Small-Medium Enterprize