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ALV Management Sdn Bhd

George Town, Pulau Pinang

Company SSM No 1296671-W


ALV is a youthful, fast-expanding organisation that was established since 2017 that has the core values of positivity, people first, integrity, hard-working and fun loving culture.


We are currently managing over 70 apartment / hotel rooms across different properties in Penang. We are aggressively expanding our management services to more properties in order to share the ALV brand experience to more guests from all around the world.


We treats each other with trust, integrity and above all, respect. 


Everyone at ALV is eager to learn, excel and achieve greater heights.


Company Values:

  1. Responsibility 
  2. Integrity 
  3. Teamwork
  4. Hardwork
  5. Self and Mutual Empowerment
  6. Excellence
  7. Kindness


Company Vision: To establish ALV as an Industry Disruptor in the Property Management Sector by offering unique and top class experiences via stunning IDs and First in Class Services. 


Company Mission: To curate unique hospitality experiences that redefine class, 

comfort and value. 


Why join us?

  • Career Growth Opportunities
  • Strong, Positive, Youthful culture 
  • Employee welfare and benefits
  • Opportunity to learn from founders of the company
  • Promotion, Annual Bonus and Annual Salary Increment





Company Size


Company Type

Small-Medium Enterprize