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Alumac Industries Sdn Bhd

Sungai Buloh, Selangor

Company SSM No 199401014913 (300593-X)


Alumac Industries Sdn Bhd was established in October 1994 to cater to the demands for aluminium products in the market.

In 1998 our CEO-Engineer, Chok Tung Ng (CT), envisioned that ALUMAC should be more than just a commodity-based company or a mass market product manufacturer. Following that vision, ALUMAC evolved over the years to deliver top-notch, high specification aluminium extrusions with integrated designs and better surface finishing quality.

Today, ALUMAC is an aluminium profile supplier in Selangor, Malaysia with the vision to deliver and cater to the demands for made-to-specification aluminium extrusions profiles for industrial profiles both locally and internationally with the following 3 brand promises:





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