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Segambut, WP Kuala Lumpur

Company SSM No 733839-A


The Company, AC Pools & Services SDN. BHD. (Company Registration No. **3839-A), was local-incorporated in 1997, we are a company moulded to its competitive edge by the extremely aggressive and volatile market force and the demanding quality requirement from its pool builder. Our founder, Mr. Ong Sui Eng, is a swimming pool expert who had accumulated more than 30 years of wealth experience and knowledge in undertaking design, consultancy, construction, maintenance services, care, and cleaning of swimming pools. From his humble beginnings as work in the industry for more than a decade, his strong work ethic and passion for the business drove him to work hard and begin his own company. As a successful corporate leader, he also keeps giving positive contributions to the industry by providing technical talks about the swimming pool system design.





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Small-Medium Enterprize