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Achieve Fashion

Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Company SSM No 003050507-H


Job Responsibilities:

1) Mainly responsible for the company's domestic and foreign business sales and marketing; overall management of channel expansion, brand establishment and maintenance;

2) According to the company's marketing goals, formulate an overall marketing strategy, set up a sales team, and lead the sales team to achieve sales tasks;

3) Independently complete the selection, use, education and retention of team talents; monitor daily business data, identify problems through analysis, and continue to optimize strategies and plans.

4) Lead the team to be responsible for exploring new markets, as well as the formation and daily management of the team, and provide effective training and coaching to the team, and provide employee coaching and motivation for different situations of different personnel;

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, related majors in marketing, engineering technology, business management, etc .; have working experience in marketing

2.Have strong language expression ability, understanding ability, customer relationship management ability, strong service awareness, strong emotional management ability

3. Rich team building experience, able to withstand high work pressures and challenges to solve problems, project advancement ability, willingness to learn, sense of responsibility and good professional ethics


Priority welcome for domestic university entrepreneurs or school leavers to apply to join,Age 18-25

Salary Type: Total sales profit sharing





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Small-Medium Enterprize