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Black Sire, a digital solutions company helps clients to develop business model for the new age. We are a community of diligent experts of different spheres who work together to develop streamlined digital transformation solutions and exquisite exploited gaming platforms. Our team comprises of digital strategists, game developers, user experience innovators, visualizers, creative content developers, web and mobile developers, app designers, performance marketers and management consultants.

Black Sire’s story dates back to 2007, when a bunch of technology and gaming enthusiasts got together to create software and online games tailored to customers’ real-world needs, with passion and fun. Today, we blend that evergreen excitement with hard-won experience to serve customers that stay with us for years.

With offices in Cambodia and Malaysia, Black Sire delivers worldwide, with the majority of clients coming from the Asia. Black Sire is recognized by enterprise businesses and IT professionals not only within the online gaming industry but globally for its innovative and efficient one-stop IT solutions and services. We grow expertise in several areas with a particular focus on Online Games, Web Design, Software and Apps Development and Digital Marketing.

Gaming industry is booming. Throughout the years, we realized that online gaming industry is one of the fastest growing and most highly acclaimed in the world as the number of gamer is growing rapidly in the past years. Thus, in Black Sire, we keep adapting new technologies that are constantly reinventing the way that online gaming works.

Across industries, we also provide full-cycle custom software development to help enterprises cater the best gaming experience to their customers through multiple channels. When understanding business is vital to a project’s success, Clients choose our dedicated teams to cover specific technical needs or even create entire products from scratch.





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