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Subang Jaya, Selangor

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Heng Seng & Company is incorporated since 1946 after Japanese War as requirement by the Malaya Law. During the era, we have been trading with various products such as garment, sundry goods, motorcycle, sewing machine, stoves, radio, toothbrush and toothpaste, liquor, rubber estate and many more. However, the founder of the current main business which is LPG, Tan Thiam Hawk, discovered the usage of LPG when he was studying in the boarding school in Singapore. Tan Thiam Hawk is the grandfather of the current CEO/ Executive Director of Heng Seng & Co Sdn Bhd, Tan Kim Soon. Tan Thiam Hawk then wrote the letter to Shell and when Shell enter Malaysia, we became the first and oldest LPG distributor in Malaysia to date. As a company, our main business now deal with LPG and Logistic of various goods. We are currently the sole distributor for MYGAZ (Ex-Shell), SOLAR GAS, and PETRON GAS (Ex-Exxon Mobil) which cover Kelantan and Terengganu. Our market share in Kota Bharu cover up to 85% while in Kelantan we cover up to 43% and Terengganu 16%. For logistic, we transport LPG in cylinder form (using metal pallets and general cargo), Cooking Oil, Cylinders and components and tyre. We are in the midst of expanding to carry Crude Palm Oil and LPG in Bulk Form (Like Petroleum Tanker). As our company grow, we have decided to shift our company from Heng Seng & Company partnership to SDN BHD for better accountability and broader horizon. Futhermore, we just move to Bandar Sunway, Selangor on March 2019 and on the midst on setting HQ here. As to date, our company turnover is around 30 mil yearly. We expect by 2019, our company turnover will increase to 50 mil and by 2020 we aim to achieve 100mil turnover. We are looking into expanding oversea and setting up office at Bangkok, Thailand and Singapore. Also, it is our goal to go listing by 2025 or earlier as either a logistic company or energy provider company or both. We believe that with enough support from all stakeholder as well as the improvement of economy that our goal will be achieve.





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