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Designer Salary In Malaysia

Average Base Salary
RM 1626
RM 2284
RM 3400


What is Designer Job about ?

There are several kinds of designers depends on their specialization. Graphic designer: Create visual concepts using computer software or hand drawing, create layout and design for advertisements, posters, brochures, logos, etc. Interior Designer: This job more specific to create a sketch or design for a property such as a building, house, room layout, etc. Fashion Designer: Fashion designers study trends and sketch clothing or accessory. They visit manufacturers to select fabrics and trims. Designers conduct fittings and adjustments on prototypes of their designs before marketed it to the clothing retailers. Multimedia designers: This job combine text, audio, animation, photo, and video to create informational and impactful content. Usually videos for advertisement online or offline. Web designer: Designing website layout and overall look, using images and code such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to do so. How to become a designer? A designer must have a good sense of art and creativity. Understanding the fundamentals of graphic design. Everyone can design, everyone can use a tool. But to make a good design need practice, willing to see more references, and open-minded. What is the designer job requirement? Each company has a different requirement. In general designer job has a requirement: - Able to use design tools from adobe product, apple product, or equivalent - Have a creative idea, attention to detail, and well organized because design project usually has a tight deadline. - Usually, employers or companies prefer to hire a candidate who has a portfolio for designer jobs.