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A** C*****2 months agoOther Workplace Issue

如果去Company Trip就要扣AL?!

如果去Company Trip就要扣AL,不去就扣Unpaid Leave请问这是合理的吗?本来AL就不多
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Chloe Chan2 months ago
No, it is not reasonable to deduct annual leave (AL) if an employee chooses to go on a company trip. Annual leave is a benefit granted to employees for the purpose of rest, relaxation, and personal time off. It should not be conditioned or linked to participating in company events or activities. Deducting AL for attending a company trip would undermine the purpose of annual leave and discourage employees from taking time off to recharge.Furthermore, deducting unpaid leave for not attending the company trip is also unfair. Unpaid leave is typically requested and agreed upon by employees when they require additional time off beyond their allocated annual leave or in certain exceptional circumstances. Using unpaid leave as a punitive measure for not attending a company trip can lead to employee dissatisfaction and a negative work environment.Employers should respect the purpose and entitlement of annual leave, allowing employees to take their allotted time off for personal reasons without any deduction. Instead, companies can encourage employee participation in company trips by organizing them during non-working hours or making them optional with no repercussions on employees' leave entitlements. This approach would foster a positive work-life balance and promote a healthy work environment.