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公司可以直接issue Warning Letter?

想请教各位,当员工犯错时(员工之前没犯过错),(错误只是在于程序上的错,结果是一样的,比如你应该要透过email通知,但你选择了私聊通知,公司之前是有规定一定要发email,但最后的结果是一样的)公司直接决定发warning letter,公司可以有这个权利吗?
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KHEW WEI FENG1 month ago
跟着正确的流程,就不会收到警告信了咯。。。 公司是有权力 issue warning letter 的。
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Eric Yee2 months ago
Yes, the company has the right to issue a warning letter in this situation. When an employee makes a mistake, even if it is their first offense, it is within the rights of the company to take appropriate disciplinary action. In this case, the employee failed to follow the established procedure of informing through email and instead chose to notify privately. Despite the outcome being the same, the company had a specific rule in place that required email communication. By deviating from this rule, the employee displayed a lack of adherence to company policies. A warning letter serves as a formal communication to the employee, highlighting the importance of following procedures and reminding them of their responsibilities. It is a tool used by companies to correct behavior and ensure compliance with established protocols.