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不知道有没有人的office也是有装CCTV的?而且我们办公室还有2个,不知道是为了防盗防贼还是为了防员工摸鱼,也不知道老板和HR是不是会时常去看。除了这个CCTV之外,大家都懂公司抓纪律很严,公司高层好像学校的guru disiplin……去上厕所大号,久一点,回来就被问候;坐着工作太久累了,想要趴在桌子上休息一下,主管就会看过来,一脸写着“你是不是在摸鱼”;离开座位跟同事讲几句,就会被温馨提醒下次不要讲那么久,其实才5分钟……这种工作环境是正常的吗?我觉得很压力,被当成小学生来管也很不舒服。
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It's not uncommon for offices to have CCTV cameras installed for security reasons, including preventing theft or ensuring the safety of employees. However, the excessive monitoring and strict discipline you describe can create a stressful work environment. As an HR expert, I would recommend addressing your concerns with your immediate supervisor or the HR department. They should be able to provide you with more information about the purpose of the CCTV cameras and clarify the expectations for work performance. It's important for employers to balance security measures with maintaining a healthy and comfortable work environment. Open communication and transparency should be encouraged to foster trust between employees and management. Together, you can find solutions that promote productivity while also addressing your need for autonomy and a less restrictive work environment.