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About Hong Yang Hoo Pharma Sdn Bhd

Welcome to the career page of Hong Yang Hoo TYT – a heritage brand that has been enhancing the well-being of Malaysians since 1957. Our journey is steeped in the rich tradition of herbal remedies, passed down through generations. We take pride in providing effective medicinal and herbal solutions that offer swift relief for everyday ailments, ensuring the happiness and health of Malaysians across the nation. At the heart of our success story lies the inception of our renowned Herbal Medicated Oil, a tale rooted in necessity and innovation. The year was 1924 when Madam Ooi arrived in Malaya, unaware that her arrival would sow the seeds of a nationwide healing empire. Drawing from her expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Madam Ooi developed a formula for a gentle yet potent medicated oil in her modest Penang kampung. Her motive was clear: to extend help to impoverished families who couldn't afford medical care for their ailing children. Affectionately known as 'Ka Chow Chim' among the villagers, Madam Ooi refined her formula with the infusion of local Malaysian herbs, dedicating her life to the service of her community. In 1957, her visionary son recognized the potential of her successful creation and transformed it into a thriving business that eventually became a household name throughout Malaysia. Today, Hong Yang Hoo TYT boasts an array of nearly 10 herbal products, with a primary focus on addressing the unique needs of new mothers as they navigate the transformative stages of pregnancy, confinement, and parenthood. Our flagship product, the Herbal Medicated Oil, remains a favorite among our offerings. However, we've also expanded our range to include baby herbal baths, confinement herbal baths, nourishing confinement herbal soups, invigorating herbal footbaths, soothing herbal ginger drinks, and more. The brand Hong Yang Hoo TYT symbolizes quality and reassurance, extending its benefits to every member of the family, including expectant mothers and newborns. Our commitment to authenticity is unwavering – every product we offer is meticulously crafted using 100% herbal ingredients. Additionally, our dedication to quality extends to our halal certification by JAKIM, ensuring that our offerings align with the diverse needs and preferences of our valued customers. We invite you to join our dedicated team at Hong Yang Hoo TYT, where tradition meets innovation, and a commitment to well-being shapes the future. As we continue to uplift lives across Malaysia, we offer you an opportunity to contribute to our legacy of health, heritage, and happiness. Explore our diverse career openings and embark on a journey that aligns your aspirations with our timeless mission.

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Hong Yang Hoo Pharma Sdn Bhd

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8, Lintang Beringin 11, Diamond Valley, Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Hong Yang Hoo Pharma Sdn Bhd Job Vacancies

Quality Assurance Manager Full Time

MYR6,000 - MYR7,000 Per Month
26 Aug 2024

Store Supervisor Full Time

MYR3,000 - MYR3,500 Per Month
25 Aug 2024