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At Halo Media, we are the 1st Live Streaming Partner of @tiktok in MALAYSIA Home to the region’s biggest best TikTok creators. We are a group of artists, creators, and tech enthusiasts with a shared vision - to push the boundaries of artistic expression using cutting-edge technology. We empower artists to share their talents and connect with audiences in new and exciting ways. First only TSP (TikTok Shop Partner) & First and only TikTok MCN (for creators) in Malaysia We specialize in using the internet to amplify the voices and talents of artists. We create immersive and interactive experiences through live broadcasting and video content, allowing artists to showcase their skills, connect with fans, and build meaningful connections. What We Offer • Internet Live Broadcasting: We provide a dynamic platform for artists to engage with their audiences in real-time. Whether it's a music performance, visual art showcase, or a behind-the-scenes look, we bring art to life in the digital realm. • Compelling Video Content: We create video content that tells stories, sparks conversations, and captivates viewers. From documentaries to tutorials, we use the power of visuals to create engaging narratives. • Artist Operating Platform: We go beyond broadcasting; we empower artists to shine. Our tools and technologies help creators share their passion, grow their brand, and connect with a global audience. Halo Media's Company Culture At Halo Media, our culture is all about: •Innovation: We thrive on pushing the boundaries of digital media. • Artistic Expression: We celebrate and empower artists to showcase their talents. • Collaboration: Diverse perspectives come together, fostering a creative environment. • Empathy: We understand the deep impact of connecting artists with audiences. • Learning: We encourage continuous learning and staying current in our field. • Passion: A shared love for creativity drives us forward. • Audience Focus: Our commitment is to engage and enrich the lives of our viewers. • Tech with Heart: We use technology to enhance human connections. • Diversity: We celebrate diverse voices, backgrounds, and talents. • Impact: We take our responsibility seriously to inspire, educate, and positively contribute to the world beyond screens. Explore More Halo Media Jobs Now. Join Us Today Are you looking for a job and love creativity and technology? Halo Media Sdn. Bhd welcomes you to join our creative community, shaping the future of art. Whether you're an artist wanting to share your talents or an audience looking for immersive experiences, Halo Media is where you can express yourself and connect with the art of tomorrow. Apply Now!


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Suite 18.05-18.06, 18th Floor, Wisma Chuang, 34, Jalan Sultan Ismail, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia