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YSK Freshmart有限公司由叶师强先生于2013年成立。目前全马已拥有超过40间连锁店, 主要销售本地新鲜猪肉和各式冷冻海产。顾客可以以个人要求和喜好挑选摆放在冰箱展示 里的新鲜猪肉,然后交由店员切割和包装。

不仅如此,店内还为顾客提供超过百样冷冻海产,当中包括有澳洲鲍鱼,纽西兰青蚝, 日本干贝,老虎虾等。店内的平面屏幕反复播放虾从饲养,清理到急冻的过程, 以让顾客对冷冻海产有更深的了解。以质量为根本,以信誉为发展。

YSK Freshmart有限公司坚持以最优质的产品和公道的价格来赢取顾客 对我们的信赖,并且会不断追求进步让公司的业务更上一层楼,以开拓更广阔的场。

YSK Freshmart  Sdn. Bhd was established by Mr. Stanley Yap Sooi Keong in 2013, YSK Freshmart has opened more than 40 branches and continues to grow progressively. We specialize in fresh pork and frozen seafood products. We also offer a wide selection of frozen seafood like Australian Abalone, New Zealand Green Mussel, Japanese Scallops, Tiger Prawns and much more in good quality and competitive prices. These to ensure that we provide the best quality to our loyal customers. We will also promote to emphasize research & enhance our business & products.


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