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Eu Yan Sang (Malaysia) group of companies is a member company of Eu Yan Sang International Limited, a progressive, global healthcare company with a strong foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and integrative healthcare.

Eu Yan Sang aims to be a leading and trusted integrative health and wellness company with a unique heritage in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Founded since 1879, we are recognized as one of the Traditional largest Chinese Medicine groups in Asia, with unrivalled reputation as the leader in the industry.

We are at the forefront of adopting modern and scientific approaches in the production and retailing of natural health and wellness products. Today, our offerings extend beyond retail outlets, Traditional Chinese Medicine clinics and concept lifestyle stores- with the aim of keeping Traditional Chinese Medicine relevant as a part of mainstream healthcare and modern lifestyle.

Today, with professional management team, the company has in excess of more than 70 retail outlets throughout Malaysia and will be adding more outlets in the coming years.

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