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GENTEL has built its reputation in partnership with MAXIS since 1999. In Gentel, we are here to represent Maxis to provide telecommunications services that cater to the needs of consumers with our MEP centre rooted in The Mines Shopping Fair, The Starling Mall PJ and Bandar Mahkota Cheras. We constantly provide great working environment to our people to improve and grow, we take pride in our corporate culture, and strongly encourage best practices among team members. We believe that every individual in our organization is important and has significant role in contributing to our overall success. With our credibility, accountability and competency, we believe that our team will be your greatest partner! Our Value * Professionalism * We are committed, and we conduct business ethic in everything that we do. * Responsibility * We take ownership for our actions, and pride ourselves on driving quality into everything that we do. * Collaborative * We bring passion, energy and creativity into our workplace. We are team oriented, supportive and always aspire each other.

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