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Revenue Commerce Sdn Bhd, a company with many years of experience in the market focuses on delivering a full range of payment solution and can provide the “design, build and operate” elements of an outsourcing solution. Providing sustained outsourcing support across IT and Business area is one of our core strengths. Cost reduction, customer retention, and effective competition are key challenges faced by banks. These factors push banks to continuously re-evaluate the way they do business. Our outsourcing Master Merchant and EDC networks are one of the fastest growing trends in the banking industry. Our outsourcing solutions provide best practice service management and long-term continuity to stringent performance requirements. The services cover all aspect of the terminal, network infrastructure, management, and application, and take into account business process updates and importantly technological growth. These services are independent of hardware and software environment supported. The companies is a leading empowered Payment and Consumer Technologies and Service Provider. With the company’s core focus on on-line payment transactions acquiring, emphasizing on payment solutions, transaction processing and customer loyalty programmers; we have steadily grown with solutions that range from EMV Smart Card Technologies to Terminal Management Systems, from Loyalty Systems to Consumer Behavioral Management Systems, from Web-based Payment Systems to Payment Transaction Management System. With the Company’s wide varieties and concentrated solutions, we are able to serve and support high profile clients in sectors such as Financial Services, Public Transport, Public Listed Companies and Retail Businesses.

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KL City, Kuala Lumpur

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