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Bengbeng sourdough had a humble beginning in March 2020 when the whole country shut down due to an unpredicted pandemic. The founders, Beng and JunQi, had one goal in mind: to make sourdough accessible everywhere because everyone deserves a better choice.

Following the first year of operating as Malaysia's first sourdough online bakery, we were humbled with the positive reviews of everyone who've tried our sourdough across West Malaysia. And with the increased demand on sourdough, we had to upscale our production size.

In August 2021, We entered the retail business supplying big marts such as BilaBila, Eco supermarket and mostly recently the biggest 7eleven in Malaysia!

In 2022, we took our production to the next step by opening our own retail

kiosk located in Glo Damansara, TTDI. Come for bread, stay for coffee.

In March 2023, we proudly opened our own production bakery in Menara UOA, Bangsar, that also comes with small bread and coffee bar. We are super excited to reach this major milestone in our company's journey. We aim to boost our production capacity and provide our valued customers with consistent, high-quality sourdough baked goods. We welcome you to stop by and discover what goes behind the scenes of making our delicious sourough bread.

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Bengbeng Sourdough Bakery

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Food / Beverage

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202103220593 (CA0328399-P)

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