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Company SSM No 202101031719 (1432019-X) · <30 Employees · Retail / Merchandise

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Accmefog Commerce was established in September, 2021 in Malaysia. We are a wholesale/distributor of electronic cigarette or vaping products specialized in Asian markets. We are composed by a team of professional sales representatives located throughout Asia, creating a combined network that allows us to serve as a penetrating platform for companies interested in developing their brands/products in our region. Our company is dedicated to providing both our Clients and Suppliers with the most updated market information in order to take action based on specific market needs. We focus on developing a long-term relationship with our business partners, as we believe success is obtained through constant efforts and cooperative actions.

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Acmefog Commerce Sdn Bhd

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Retail / Merchandise

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202101031719 (1432019-X)

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Plaza GmChow Kit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Job Vacancies

Marketing Specialist Full Time

RM3,500.00 - RM6,000.00 Per Month
31 Dec 2023

Sales Executive Full Time

RM2,000.00 - RM3,000.00 Per Month
31 Dec 2023