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Heya guys! We’re Sticker Express, also known as Print Lover Enterprise once upon a time.

Our company was founded way back in 2011 in which we specialized in Photocopy and Book Publications. Though those days are no more, we still think very fondly of it as it paved the way for the ‘us’ of today which is…


Now we specialize in creating stickers and branding. This change towards a more creative venture is our step towards better growth and development since our motivation is focused on supporting micro and small businesses by bringing their brand to the


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Sahabat Gemilang Resources

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Small-Medium Enterprize

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Printing / Publishing

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No 40-02, Jalan Nusaria 11/4, Taman Nusantara, 81550 Iskandar Puteri , Johor, Johor, 81550, Malaysia

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