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Hon Jeh Group (HJG) is a premier insurance agency which established in year 2012.

HJG provides more that just a wide range of financial services such as financial planning, retirement and protection plans - we seek to build a long lasting relationship with our clients to discover what really matters to them along life's journeys.


Before we start thinking about the advice and services we can offer you, we take the time to understand what us unique about you, what is important to you and what you would like to achieve in life. We provide time tested and thoroughly researched strategies tailor made to your specific needs rather than offering you the latest unproven scheme in the market.


By making communication a key point in building client relations, we were able to secure the prestigious Million Sales awards in since year 2014 until now. Plans are on the drawing board to re-invest in people development and quality services so that we can continue to creatively and effectively solve clients' financial challenge and assist them in reaping the biggest rewards.

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