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Wayzim Technology is a high-tech enterprise co-founded by the Institute of microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) in May 2016. Since the early stage, the company has invested in the in-depth research on several core technologies of the logistics express industry, focusing on the theoretical research and technical development of industrial vision, signal processing, and automatic control, and has made breakthrough progress. The related technologies have obtained multiple invention patents and have truly realized " China Device, China Components, China Chip ". 


At present, Wayzim has grown into a professional equipment provider in the Chinese intelligent logistics industry. Following long-term development, the company will, as always, adhere to the spirit of "Innovation in technology, Ingenuity in quality", aim at the forefront of world science and technology, build an R & D Center of information and control integration system for the application of industrial Internet of Things, and an R & D Center of high-end automation equipment for precision testing and advanced manufacturing. To forge ahead and develop innovation, we will make effort to build Wayzim into a world-leading logistics equipment enterprise, and provide intelligent logistics equipment comprehensive solutions that support the construction of modern logistics systems. Wayzim has been committed to technical research in the field of logistics intelligent equipment, breaking through technical bottlenecks such as core algorithms, system software, dedicated chips, and core components, and successfully developed the airport baggage sorting system with completely independent intellectual property rights.

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