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Founded in 2019 and own a retail store in Kuala Lumpur. LaBrand is specialized in retailing authentic new and pre-owned designer products ranging from handbags, shoes, watches and apparel to those who are fashion conscious. Our success is measured by continuous shopper support and our renowned worldwide luxury handbag selection to make luxury more attainable. This expertise, passion, and enthusiasm are why customers keep coming back to us and why our business is growing.


We are currently expanding and looking for all talented young people to join us.



Market leader of retailing authentic pre-owned designer items in Malaysia



Build a trusted independent online and offline shopping resale site – an easy, hassle-free, secure place to shop at and be inspired as well as to buy and sell authentic pre-owned designer items


Create employee road map for all our employees and promote them be our business partners.


成立于 2019 年,在吉隆坡拥有一家零售店。LaBrand 专注于销售全新和二手正品名牌包包。我们的成功取决于购物者的持续支持和我们这拥有各种慎重挑选的二手名牌包包的平台,让更多人实现想拥有名牌包包的愿望。这种专业知识和热情是客户不断回访我们以及我们业务增长的原因。








建立一个值得信赖和独立线上和线下购物转售平台- 一个简单、无忧、安全的购物平台,可以从中购买和销售正品二手名牌包包





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Setapak, Kuala Lumpur

22 days ago