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Persatuan Cinta Gaza Malaysia, CGM, is a non-governmental organisation (NGO), which began with humble beginnings by a group of youth aspiring to assist in development projects in the Gaza Strip. It was founded by as aspiring Malaysian, nadir Al-Nuri, who has remained stationed and is currently the only Malaysian citizen in Gaza. Since its formation in 2014, CGM has dedicated itself to providing the people of Gaza with much needed emergency and ongoin humanitarian aid. Instrumental to professional growth and development of the Palestinian youth, CGM strives to extend its support in the field of educational development and leadership skills. Gradually, as CGM’s operations mature, it remains steadfast in strengthening its services while expanding in relevant services through economic coorperation with local and international NGOs. government bodies. amd orporate agencies. Since then, CGM’s activities have crossed the borders to its neighbouring Middle East country, Syria. On the home fronnt, CGM has also been active in local emergency and humanitarian assistance; recently, in our Bantuan Kecemasan Covid-19 in Sabah. CGM’s presence in Gaza City gives the organisation the extra advantage of owing real time knowledge and access to the developments and activities on the ground. We have direct coneection with our beneficiaries and working partners, as well as having the ability to independently execute and monitor our operations. Concurrently, working hand in hand, the CGM’s headquarters in Bandar Baru Bangi serves to focus on fundraising and marketing, as well as the development adn dissemination of content to increase awareness of the current conditions and humanitarian needs. Today, CGM’s human reources extends beyond its employees and representatives, and is backed by over 1000 volunteers who are presently serving in the Gaza Strip, West Bank. Syria, Europe, Sri lanka, Mindanao, and Sudan. Throughout our service in Gaza, the West Bank and Syria, we have forged alliances with NGOs sharing mutual interest and commitment in order to better facilitate our activities. Some of these organisations are homegrown, in Malaysia, and otherws include international NGOs in Europe, Middle East and the ASEAN nations.

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Persatuan Cinta Gaza Malaysia

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D-08-03, Plaza Paragon Point, Jalan Medan Pusat Bandar 5, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, 43650, Malaysia

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