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We are a relatively new company mainly focusing in transportation, bonded warehousing as well as liquor retailing. Our transportation consists of haulage and curtain sider services. While bonded warehouse, we have more than 50,000 square feet of space and more. As for liquor retail, we have more than 300 options with more to come! Just like any other company, we are seeking to grow and in the midst of doing so. We are looking for talents that will not only fill the number but bring significant values such as commitment, determination and a hard-working attitude. In order for the ship to sail, it need the crew to function as a team just like what our company is about. We do value your effort and it will not go unrewarded. Our company does not just focus on its own growth, but yours as well! We will try our best to help your career growth in the aspect of expanding your knowledge through provided seminars and classes, a happy environment from the team synergy and of course, opportunity for career advancements.

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