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As the largest family chain restaurant in Japan, Skylark Holdings have over 3,200 restaurants serving Western, Chinese, Japanese, conveyor belt Sushi, and Italian cuisines in Japan, Taiwan, and the United States. Having been the pioneer of the family-oriented restaurant business for 50 years, we have recently opened three outlets in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. And we hereby would like to proudly invite you to be a part of our family!

All the local employees will have a precious opportunity to learn about the real Japanese etiquette of “greatest hospitality service” which emphasizes the quality of being thoughtful and considerate of others in such a way that we can anticipate the needs of our customers and adjust accordingly. Also, In-house Training Program will be given as guidelines to blend into the Japanese working culture smoothly!

In line with our company philosophy of “Creating Richness with Values to Society”, Skylark not only focuses on company goals but also provides a clear career path in which one's efforts are fairly evaluated according to their work performance, either for part-time or full-time employees, and career advancement can be achieved. We anxiously await your contribution and hope you can spread this sense of richness around Malaysia.

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Food / Beverage

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1293156 K

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Lingkaran SV2 , Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Job Vacancies

Restaurant Crew (Sunway Pyramid) Full Time

RM2,200.00 - RM4,000.00 Per Month
19 Jun 2023

Restaurant Crew (Kuala Lumpur) Part Time

RM800.00 - RM1,600.00 Per Month
8 Jul 2023

Restaurant Crew (Setia City Mall) Full Time

RM2,200.00 - RM4,000.00 Per Month
19 Jun 2023