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Metcal is the Leading and Trusted ISO/IEC *7025 Accredited Instrument Calibration Services Laboratory in Malaysia since 1996, specializes in many calibration field with Best In-Class Calibration and Measurement Uncertainty.

Metcal is also the leading supplier for Temperature Data Logger systems in Malaysia, Singapore and South East Asia. We offer solutions to some of the most critical quality control and challenges in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotechnology, environmental, food and beverage industries.

Metcal has offered IQ OQ PQ Validation Services to the biopharmaceutical and medical industry since 1996. We specialize in executing large-scale qualification projects including autoclaves, chambers, freezers, retorts, stabilities and warehouses. Our goal is to build long-term relationship with customers to support them throughout. Validation Software used by Metcal that are 100% compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP5 regulations.

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