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Company SSM No 1331895-P · 30-100 Employees · Heavy Industrial / Machinery

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FEIKEN Bearing is a global bearing application supplier. FEIKEN Bearing plays a crucial role in updating and development of ball bearing and conical bearing, especially improving the bearing performance in application of electric motors, automobile transmissions, agricultural machinery bearings, oil extraction machinery, mineral metallurgy, engineering machinery bearings, wind driven generator bearings as well as the rolling bearing and sliding bearing solutions used for a lot of industrial applications.

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Feiken Bearing

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Small-Medium Enterprize

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Heavy Industrial / Machinery

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Petaling Utama Avenue 67, , Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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Job Vacancies

Account Admin Full Time

RM2,000.00 - RM2,500.00 Per Month
14 Jul 2023

Admin Cum Account Full Time

RM2,300.00 - RM3,200.00 Per Month
14 Jul 2023

Business Development Executive Full Time

RM3,000.00 - RM4,000.00 Per Month
14 Jul 2023