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Wealth Mastery Academy 富道学院(WMA)创立于2009年,我们坚信知识改变命运。我们致力为客户提供有助提升个人及企业全维竞争力的实战培训课程、企业内训、与咨询服务。自创立以来, 富道学院已成功举办各种大小型教育培训及会议活动,正向的影响了来自新、马、泰、中、港、台、澳的企业家们。



WMA富道学院深知教育行业对个人及国家发展的影响力,因此我们在这条路上努力不懈,长期投入,坚持为客户创造价值、与商业伙伴共赢、 推动行业发展,只为不辜负时代委以我们的重要任务。



往往我们影响的不只是个体,还包括他们身边的团队,朋友和家族, 因此我们视严格挑选课程内容及出 品最优质的课程为首要任务,以帮助客户收获最深入的学习和成长, 从而更快速达到更高的人生成就。 帮助客户心想事成!



在战略部署及联盟伙伴的执行上,富道学院秉持着各方共赢的信念,严谨的要求团队与商业伙伴必须精益求精,共同整合资源, 以达成各方利益最大化。唯有当各方互利共赢,才能携手创造更多的发展可能性,提升各方的竞争力。







About Us

Established in year 2009, Wealth Mastery Academy (WMA) operates with the main objective of empowering people with the right financial education, specialized knowledge and skills that were never taught in schools. We endeavour to deliver training that is practical, hands-on and instantly applicable to create multiple streams of income and stay in desired wealthy lifestyle.


In addition, we provide the platform for players in the corporate, business, finance, investments, sinology and metaphysics sector to sharing the wisdom and exchange the ideas and experience via exhibitions, conferences, summits, online and offline workshops and many more. 


Our methods and systems are designed based on over 30 years of experience and specialized expertise, put through extensive scientific research and mathematical models, simplified and brought to you using the principles of adult-learning classes and success simplified methodologies.


The organization believes in creating synergistic power in bringing together a comprehensive network of experienced speakers and trainers, specialists and experts from various sectors and proven tools to bring you the best market opportunities and skills.


In 2022, Wealth Mastery Academy celebrated our thirteen years of establishment and rapid business expansion. 


Our Vision

·    To be a global leading “Wealth Mastery Skills and Opportunities Provider”


Our Mission

·    To create a million millionaires through practical Wealth Mastery Skills and relevant wealth creation opportunities.

·    To empower people to create positive change and stay in desired wealthy lifestyle.

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29-3-17, The Golden Triangle Commercial Lot. Jalan Paya Terubong, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Talent Acquisition Manager Full Time

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25 Aug 2024

Customer Service Executive (Mandarin Speaker) Full Time

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17 May 2024

Event Management Executive Full Time

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17 May 2024