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M*** A***** b**** N*** A***3 years agoOther Workplace Issue

Is it okay if majikan turunkan pangkat kita without any notice and explanation??In term of law is it verified?

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e** e*******4 months ago
My opinion is ok, as long not effect my salary..
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T******* A* K********3 years ago
I'm searching for rope access work help me to find the work for me please
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M****** A***** A**** B** H******3 years ago
not okay,ask boss or supervisor why they to that
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Carol Anthony1 day ago

It's not OK to do so. Please have a chat with your superior and/or HR to find out why they did that. If the reason given is not valid and there is salary reduction too, you may bring this matter up at the Labour Department (JTK - Jabatan Tenaga Kerja)