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About Us

Quiklaser is a regional chain of aesthetic outlets that focuses exclusively on providing non-invasive treatments to optimise the skin. The express, no redness and no downtime facial is an innovative concept in the skincare and beauty industry and Quiklaser aims to revolutionize the way people clean their skin. Our Vision - To help everyone achieve naturally clear, glowing and radiant skin! Our Mission - We’re part of a growing consciousness that’s bigger than a single cosmetic treatment or beauty product. At Quiklaser, we’re advocates for using credible and safe measures to help individuals attain naturally clear, glowing, radiant skin. Focus on Safety - Safety is our top most priority and that’s why proper staff training is key. All Quiklaser staff operators undergo a compulsory training programme under a team of Medical Doctors based in Singapore. They are also regularly assessed and audited while they are serving in the team. Focus on Credibility - Quiklaser Cleaning System treatment is based on a treatment protocol developed by a Singaporean Medical Doctor in 1992. The treatment focuses on using safe and scientific evidence-based Laser technology to rejuvenate and repair the skin. Focus on Skin - Quiklaser does not offer botox injections, slimming, hair loss and other aesthetic related services for a reason- we are singularly focused on being the best in one thing, that is offering non-invasive facials for the skin.

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