You Must Follow The Six Unwritten Rules of Networking
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You Must Follow The Six Unwritten Rules of Networking

post by Lyanne

by Lyanne

Oct 21, 2020
at 10:57 AM

Experts have long emphasised the importance of maintaining a strong career network. Through networking, we can learn about job opportunities, especially those we wouldn’t have had access to otherwise. But, job searching should not be the main focus of your efforts. Your network is a handy tool when it comes to other aspects of your career. Your contacts can give you advice and provide information. Follow these rules to help you maximise the benefits of networking.


1. Everyone you know can be a part of your network

When it comes to networking, everyone you know can be a useful contact. While someone may not be directly involved in your field, they may know another person who is.


2. It's okay to ask for help from your network

To get help, you have to ask for it. Don't be shy. If you need advice, contact someone in your network. 9 times out of ten, someone is willing to help you because they know that one day they will need someone's help and that someone could be you.

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Networking is a very underrated aspect of the professional life.

3. Be willing to help your contacts

Your network doesn't exist only for your interest. You should be willing to offer your help to others as well. For instance, if someone in your network asks you to speak to their nephew about your job, you should do it. 


4. Don't use your network just to find jobs

Most people think that networking is only for job hunting. They try to use it only when looking for work. Well, guess what? If you only get in touch with your contacts when you are looking for a job, you might not have any network at the end of the day. Not only that, your contacts may come to know you as "that person who's always looking for a job."


5. Keep updated with your network

Always check-in with your contacts. Keep up with them and let them know what is going on with your career. It will be much easier to track someone down after not talking to them for a few months than it will be after being out of touch for years.


6. Always thank your contacts for help

When one of your contacts gives you advice or provides you with a job lead, don't forget to send her a thank-you note. You can use email to do it.